10 rules for vaping

by:Runfree     2023-03-27

As a tool to replace cigarettes, electronic cigarettes are gradually appearing in people's sights. Many people are still confused when using this new type of product. By knowing the following rules of using electronic cigarettes, we can have a better experience.
1. First use steps
(1) Take out the atomizer and assemble it with the main unit to ensure that the overall structure of the atomizer is not loose.
(2) Turn the bottom steel ring to close the air inlet of the atomizer, open the top cover of the atomizer, and pour the e-liquid into both sides of the glass cavity of the atomizer. About 80% by volume. Inject into the round hole of the atomizing core in the middle of the atomizer.
(3) Close the top cover, open the air inlet, let it stand for 5 minutes, and wait for the iron core to be fully wetted.
(4) Press the ignition button (big button) five times to turn it on, and adjust the required power of the atomizer resistor (marked on the atomizing core) to watts (W) to start normal use.
2. Be careful not to inhale too hard, keep inhaling for a long time, keep the mouthpiece up and the stem down.
3. When the smoke liquid is inhaled into the mouth, remove the pod and disassemble it, and wipe the excess smoke liquid on the atomizer in the mouthpiece before using it.
4. Keep the e-cigarette battery fully charged, and charge for 5 hours for the first three times. After 3 times, normal charging takes about 3 hours.
5. The greater the power of the electronic cigarette, the greater the smoke and the greater the iron loss. The lower the power, the better the taste and the lower the iron loss.

6. The atomizer may leak oil when refueling for the first time, just wipe it clean with a paper towel. If oil leakage continues, please check whether the atomizer is tightened or contact the manufacturer.
7. If the e-liquid is lower than the oil inlet (the white round hole on the atomizer), be sure to refuel in time, otherwise it is easy to burn the core. It can be kept in this position if not used for a long time. Do not store too much smoke oil in the tank.
8. The atomizing core should be replaced every 7~14 days, otherwise the old smell will reduce the experience.
9. It is recommended to use a 1A charging head with a data cable to charge the host. The specific charging time can be determined according to the instruction manual of the electronic cigarette. Do not overcharge for safety.
10. A variety of e-liquids can be alternately added to the oil tank according to your own taste requirements, so you don't have to worry too much about the smell.
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