5 factors to consider when choosing an e-cigarette

by:Runfree     2023-03-16

There are many types of e-cigarettes on the market today. They are not only very different in appearance and design, but also in use and quality. Therefore, many new users often encounter many problems when choosing electronic cigarettes. Here are five factors we need to consider when choosing an e-cigarette.
1. Security

Safety is divided into two aspects: safety in use and safety after use.
The safety during use is the safety in the process of smoking and carrying electronic cigarettes. If the electronic cigarette explodes due to quality problems, it will directly endanger human health.
The safety after use mainly comes from the e-liquid. Whether there are harmful substances volatilized during the process of heating the e-liquid to the atomizing core by the battery. Due to the different atomizing cores of electronic cigarettes, some atomizing cores are very hot during the heating process, which may produce harmful substances.
2. Taste
A good e-cigarette has an elegant and comfortable taste, enough smoke, no stimulation, and full of aroma.
For manufacturers, the taste is the most difficult to grasp, because the e-liquid is not a single factor affecting the taste, it is determined by the e-liquid, the atomizing core, and the structural airway. Can't be sure because it tastes bad. where is the problem. The e-cigarettes produced by JOECIG incorporate a variety of factors, and the product flavors are rich in variety, which can meet the diverse needs of customers.

3. Smoke volume
Disposable electronic cigarettes are currently on the market. The overall smoke generation is moderate, which is related to the ratio of VG:PG. A large proportion means a large amount of smoke, and different proportions have different flavors. If you want to smoke a larger amount of cigarettes, you can choose an electric cigarette with a larger volume and higher power.
4. Portability and battery life
The main consideration is that we use electronic cigarettes to replace traditional cigarettes, and the loss of electricity in electronic cigarettes is equivalent to the loss of fire in traditional cigarettes.
The battery of the former pod is mostly 350mah, because of the relationship between capacity and volume, it can correspond to 2ML of e-liquid. At present, there are very few small cigarettes that indicate the number of batteries, and most of them flash when the battery is low. The portability of disposable electronic cigarettes is also the best, and they can be discarded after use.
5. Comfortable
Comfort comes from using the product, but also from the product itself. The comfort during use is directly related to the touch of the lips. The smoothness of the draw is also directly related to the comfort of the e-cigarette, so this needs to be taken into consideration when choosing an e-cigarette.
Another aspect of comfort is overall grip. The grip is mainly the hand feel. At present, most of the mini electric cigarettes are made of aluminum alloy with sandblasting and oxidation treatment, and the hand feeling is still good. Usage habits mainly refer to whether the product has functions such as flashing lights or vibrations, suction lights, charging lights, and power indicator lights.
High-quality electronic cigarettes can bring people an excellent user experience and will not cause harm to human health. If you still have questions about the choice of e-cigarettes after viewing the above content, you can contact us for professional solutions.
With excellent R&D technology and high-quality products, we have become one of the leading electronic cigarette manufacturers. We put the actual needs of our customers first. Professional production team and strict quality inspection system, all-round control of product quality. At the same time, we can improve thoughtful one-stop service and effective solution technology. If you want to buy our disposable electronic cigarettes, please contact us now!
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