6 aspects that are easily overlooked during the use of electronic cigarettes

by:Runfree     2023-03-19

The emergence and upgrading of electronic cigarettes have gradually replaced traditional cigarettes, but many people use electronic cigarettes, due to their own negligence, the taste of electronic cigarettes has deteriorated, and the life of electronic cigarettes may also be shortened. This article will specifically introduce six aspects that are easily overlooked in the use of electronic cigarettes.
dry roast
Dry burning means that when there is insufficient e-liquid in the coil of the atomizer, the coil will overheat. At this time, not only the smell of e-cigarettes becomes pungent, but also bad.
There are many ways to avoid dry burning. First let the atomizeratomizer core work under the appropriate power. If the maximum power of an atomizer/coil is 15 watts, then never turn it on when it is above 15 watts. Too much power doesn't just cause dryness. Combustion will greatly shorten the life of the atomizing core. For atomizers, most of them do not indicate the maximum power, and different coils of the same atomizer also have different maximum power. At this time, you need to face different types of atomizers and coils. Set the power. The simple way is to gradually adjust to the appropriate power from small to large.
Different e-liquids will also have different effects on dry burning. Generally speaking, thinner e-juice is less likely to dry, and thicker e-juice is easier to dry.
low battery voltage
Electronic hosts generally have minimum discharge voltage protection, so don't worry too much. For the mechanical host, there is no minimum discharge voltage protection. It is very dangerous for the battery to work below the minimum discharge voltage, so if you use a mechanical host, you can consider replacing the battery when the smoke becomes significantly smaller. Do not replace the battery until it is smoking.
dirty coil
After a period of use, the coil of the electronic cigarette atomizer will turn black and deposit carbon. At this time, not only the smell of smoke will become smaller and the taste will be worse, but also the working temperature of the heating wire will become higher, which is easy to overheat and partially dry. So try to replace the atomizing core with a clean coil until the smell cannot be extracted.
overstimulated throat
Some users like a particularly strong throat blow, so they will choose e-juice with high nicotine concentration and a big smoke atomizer. In general, that's not bad, but there's a limit to everything. It is recommended that the small nebulizer should not exceed 18 mg, and the large nebulizer should not exceed 12 mg. If you really need a stronger throat hit, you can consider tobacco-flavored e-juice, which generally has a stronger throat hit.
Use a drip atomizer while driving
Like talking on a phone while driving, it's easy to get distracted. For your own safety and the safety of others, never use a drip atomizer while driving.
nicotine overdose
Nicotine overdose is also known as nicotine OD. E-cigarettes are essentially nicotine delivery devices. Excessive nicotine intake is very dangerous. In mild cases, dizziness may occur, and in severe cases, nausea, vomiting, poisoning symptoms may occur, and even life-threatening. Therefore, when using e-cigarettes, it is also necessary to be moderate and not over-inhale.
When choosing e-cigarettes, you also need to choose e-cigarettes with relatively high quality and performance, so that you can maintain the best experience and use them for a long time. If you feel that the above content is not very helpful to you after viewing, you can contact us for more detailed information and solutions.
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