7 Tips to Extend Vape Battery Life

by:Runfree     2023-03-20
2022/6/6 Winter is a wonderful season, especially when the sky is blue and the temperature is cool. However, cold weather can wreak havoc on your vaping vaporizer battery. Use these simple tips and don't let cold air exhaust your vaping kit.
Regardless of battery type, cold is not its friend. Cold can prevent effective discharge, whether it is an integral rechargeable battery or a replaceable battery.
That is, direct heat will not restart the battery. Here are 7 tips for extending the life of your vape battery and how to get the most out of your e-cigarette battery.
1. Turn it off when no longer in use
Turn off the device when not in use. Even a simple vape kit will have circuitry that means it's still 'thinking' when it's on or in standby mode.
Turn it off and you'll save a lot of battery power.
2. Regular use of e-cigarette batteries
Batteries are meant to be used. If they collect dust in a drawer or shelf, their performance will suffer when you finally use them.
This is because many of the materials used in the batteries inside your vape battery are degrading even when they are not being used. That said, not using the battery will cause it to degrade faster than it will with use.
Batteries in modern technology, such as cell phones, are considered 'smart' batteries, so when they are used correctly and do what they were designed and built to do, they will deliver great performance.
Use your battery in your vaping kit, even for a short period of time, to prevent it from losing power.
3. Don’t Overcharge
It's still argued that by keeping a fully charged battery, they're somehow injecting it with extra power so it lasts longer.
The battery capacity in the e-cigarette pen or module is limited. That is to say, when the indicator light shows that it is fully charged, it can no longer be charged. Even with another six hours of charging, it won't last any longer!
When the battery is fully charged, some of the battery power is cut off, but not all. If you take out the e-cigarette pen or battery and find that it is very hot, it means that there is still current flowing in it. A battery at room temperature will perform better than one in cold weather, but it can also damage it.
When a rechargeable battery shows full charge, the rule is simple, take it out and use it.
4. Charge the battery when needed
Advice on when you should charge your battery is often conflicting. Some recommendations suggest letting your battery drain completely, while others recommend shortening the charging time.
who is right
Different types of batteries like to be charged differently, so some need to be fully discharged and others don't. Sometimes, a chemical reaction in the battery can cause the battery itself to build up, so it has been suggested that letting the battery fully discharge from time to time can help extend battery life. Effectively, this allows it to reset.
However, modern batteries, usually lithium, are smart batteries with less 'busy' chemical reactions going on inside and don't need to be fully discharged to stay in good working order.
So when charging your vape battery, charge it when you need it.
5. Fully charge them
If you're not going to use a kit for a while and it has a fixed internal battery, charge it before turning it off. Do the same for the removable battery. Charge them and store them in a cool place.
6. Keep your vape battery clean
When batteries get dirty, their connection to the evaporator weakens. That means fewer connections and bad discharges because the battery has to work harder to do what you want it to do.
Keep it clean and you'll find longer performance and better charging.
7. Don’t let e-cigarette batteries get cold
Whether or not we see sub-zero temperatures this winter, your vape battery will perform much better if it's not cold, which means keep it in its protective pouch (closed) when you're taking it with you. When not in use, do not leave it in the cold or on top of a roaring open flame or radiator as this will cause the battery and its connections to melt and possibly cause injury.
What should you do when your vape battery is no longer performing well?
REPLACE - Batteries don't last forever, so if you find your charge drains quickly, your battery is nearing the end of its life. You will need to replace your vape battery with the correct one, so be sure to triple check before purchasing and using a new battery.
Recycling - Batteries of all kinds can be recycled, at least in part. As well as sending batteries to local recycling centres, some councils also collect batteries at the roadside. Supermarkets also have battery recycling points. Whatever you choose to do with your batteries, do so responsibly and never toss them in the trash as batteries will pollute landfills for years to come.
Vaping is something you can do in all four seasons, but when it comes to battery life, you need to protect them from the cold, keep them charged, and keep them clean for optimal performance. If you want to buy a new electronic cigarette, please contact us.
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