9 knowledge points for using electronic cigarettes

by:Runfree     2023-03-27
With the continuous upgrading and development of electronic cigarettes, more and more people are beginning to know and use this electronic device. Faced with the operation of electronic cigarettes in different scenarios, JOCEIG shares the following rules for using electronic cigarettes.
1. The reason for dizziness and nausea when using electronic cigarettes is that the nicotine content in the blood is too high, which is caused by excessive smoking, and it can be recovered after a short rest.
2. The dry mouth during the use of e-cigarettes is because the main component of the e-liquid is VG, that is, vegetable glycerin, which is water-absorbent, so drinking plenty of water can relieve the symptoms of dry mouth.
3. How to idle and store pods: When using pods, store pods in a cool and dry place, out of reach of children and pets, and do not charge in high temperature environments. The human body feels uncomfortable.
4. Precautions during the use of the pod: the weather is hot in summer and the temperature inside the car is too high. If the pod is placed in the car or in direct sunlight for a long time, there will be oil leakage or oil leakage caused by high temperature evaporation.
5. Regarding the oil leakage or oil leakage caused by transportation of some pods: long-distance transportation in high temperature weather may also cause oil leakage. Wipe the surface of the pods with a paper towel, turning the pods down several times.
6. Daily maintenance of electronic cigarettes: Insist on pulling out the used pod every day to wipe the bottom, stuff it into the inner compartment of the pod with a paper towel, and remove the condensed hookah stick accumulated in the inner cavity or the electronics leaked from the pod. liquid.
7. How to deal with the condensed water: If there is a gurgling sound or oil enters the mouth during the use of the pod, these phenomena basically remind you that you need to clean the condensed water of the pod. Shake the pods with your mouth down and wipe them dry.
8. When taking a plane or other means of transportation, you can separate the pod and the pod in your pocket, because changes in air pressure may cause oil leakage.
9. Quitting smoking or replacing cigarettes with e-cigarettes requires a process.
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