Runfree Brand Story

“Healthy living, Sharing happiness” is the original intention and vision of Runfree vapes.


Runfree is a leading disposable vape brand that has quickly become the industry’s rising shining star since its establishment in 2016. The brand has become widely famous and is catering to the massive demand from all markets by continuously expanding its network all over the globe. Runfree’s offerings are unique with maximum satisfaction and exceptional performance using innovation and technology. We believe that innovation is the key to creating unforgettable vaping experience. And innovation is at the heart of what we do. Runfree provides adult vapers with premium products to elevate life’s greatest moments with free spirits.


Looking to the future, Runfree will continuously innovate our lives with latest technology, always taking social morality first, caring for public health, focusing on high-quality electronic cigarettes and creating a fresher green world.

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