Are disposable e-cigarettes harmful?

by:Runfree     2023-03-29
2021/4/21 Disposable electronic cigarettes are a kind of electronic cigarettes. Because they are easy to carry and easy to use, they are deeply loved by everyone. However, many people have doubts about the safety of disposable e-cigarettes. This question is answered in more detail below.
What is a disposable electronic cigarette?
Disposable electronic cigarettes refer to electronic cigarette machines that do not need to be charged, do not need to be replaced, and are disposable. They are easier to carry and use.
Disposable Electric Cigarette Materials
Most disposable e-cigarettes are made using PCTG. PCTG is an amorphous copolyester with good toughness and impact strength, excellent low temperature toughness, high tear resistance and good processability, excellent chemical resistance, transparency, BPA free.
PCTG is completely odorless, clear and BPA free.
Good processing performance, using injection molding to process multiple products at one time, greatly improving production efficiency; acid oil corrosion, parts in contact with e-liquid or chemical oil will not have obvious performance changes or functional loss, and will not damage the e-liquid crude oil Purity and taste; no plastic parts cracking or oil leakage.
In addition to the above advantages, PCTG processing should also pay attention to avoid problems such as chatter. It is necessary to select low-speed and stable injection molding machines and screw selection requirements. PCTG needs to be dried with a dehumidifier before processing to ensure product performance during processing.
Are disposable e-cigarettes harmful?
Whether electronic cigarettes will cause harm to the human body depends on the e-liquid. The composition of e-liquid and whether it meets the standards are very critical. Let's take a look at the ingredients of e-liquid first:
1. VG (vegetable glycerin)
2. PG (propylene glycol)
3. Flavor
4. Nicotine VG is a common drug and food additive (often used to make cakes, chocolates and other sweets). No side effects on the human body, colorless and tasteless.
PG is used to dilute the viscosity of VG. It is a common drug and food additive that is generally safe for humans.
The existence of fragrance is the most critical factor to diversify the taste of e-liquid and bring people various satisfactions to the taste buds of vaping. Spices are added to many of the foods we eat every day.
It is not difficult to see that these three ingredients are harmless. They are often used in some foods or daily necessities. These three ingredients are all contained in children's toothpaste, and the label of children's toothpaste also says that it is safe to swallow.
Next, we come to the last ingredient - nicotine. is it safe? Nicotine is widely regarded as such a dangerous poison that some people even attribute all the harm of smoking to nicotine. But in fact, nicotine is the culprit of tar. With the continuous advancement of science, clinical research has proved that tar is the culprit of cancer. When a cigarette is lit, the tobacco and other components in the cigarette burn to form tar. Tar contains 16 carcinogens and 4000-5000 chemical components.
Nicotine itself is basically a benign substance in reasonable doses, acting similarly to coffee. Nicotine is not only found in tobacco leaves, but also in many plants of the nightshade family. For example, plants such as tomatoes, peppers, and wolfberries all contain nicotine. These vegetables and medicinal materials are recognized as healthy foods that are beneficial to the human body.
The small amount of nicotine in the e-liquid is just to relieve the craving for cigarettes and allow smokers to complete the process of changing cigarettes more smoothly. The World Health Organization has been vigorously promoting 'nicotine replacement therapy' worldwide since the 1990s. Nicotine replacement therapy is one of the effective smoking cessation methods widely used in the world and confirmed by clinical research. It replaces the nicotine that used to be obtained from cigarettes and helps people overcome their dependence on cigarettes physically and mentally.
Therefore, it can be seen from the above that disposable electronic cigarettes are not harmful to the human body, but you must choose a regular way to buy authentic products to avoid buying unsafe products. If you don't know enough about disposable electronic cigarettes through the above content, you can contact us for more information about disposable electronic cigarettes and related solutions.
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