Are electronic cigarette products more harmful than cigarettes? The difference between electronic cigarettes and cigarettes

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The main components of traditional tobacco: shredded tobacco, tobacco sheets, flavors and fragrances, humectants, filters, cigarette paper, components of electronic cigarette products: atomizers, functional equipment (rods, boxes, etc.), e-liquid (PG/VG, flavors, etc.) spices, nicotine).

What they have in common: both contain nicotine

Whether you smoke cigarettes or vape, its purpose is to get nicotine. It will be transmitted through the blood and pass through the blood-brain barrier. It only takes an average of 7 seconds to reach the brain after inhalation.

When nicotine enters the body, the half-life of nicotine in the human body is about 2 hours. The liver is the organ that mainly metabolizes nicotine, and the decomposing enzyme is Cytochrome P450.

Is nicotine harmful? This issue has also been controversial. In recent years, many experts at home and abroad believe that nicotine in cigarettes is not too harmful, and the real carcinogens are tar and CO. Nicotine exists not only in tobacco leaves, but also in the fruits of various Solanaceae plants, such as tomatoes, wolfberries and other plants that contain nicotine, and these vegetables and medicinal materials are recognized as healthy foods that are beneficial to the human body .

The concentration of electronic cigarette oil is mainly divided into four safety standard concentrations: no 0mg, low 6mg, medium 12mg, and high 18mg. If the concentration of nicotine is too high, it may cause chest tightness and nausea to consumers. The same goes for the popular nicotine salts on the market. However, the content of nicotine salt in Huoxue Light E-cigarette is moderate, the taste is excellent, and the throat hit is strong.

Difference: Traditional cigarettes contain more harmful substances

Shredded tobacco and tobacco sheets in traditional tobacco are both tobacco products. At present, the main types of cigarettes sold in my country are flue-cured tobacco. According to the 'Statistics of Tobacco Germplasm Resources Modulated Tobacco Leaves from 1998 to 2004' published by China Tobacco Group, the average content of chemical components in flue-cured tobacco is: total sugar 23.08%, reducing sugar 19.63%, total nitrogen 2.00%, nicotine 1.99% , protein 10.32%, schmuck value 2.45, total sugar/nicotine 14.21, total nitrogen/nicotine 1.15. Tobacco also contains trace amounts of the radioactive substance polonium-210.

Which is more harmful, e-cigarettes or cigarettes? The composition of e-cigarettes, which may be harmful is nicotine, and other harmful substances in cigarettes do not contain. Seeing this, it is obvious which is safer, e-cigarettes or cigarettes.

Can smoking e-cigarettes quit smoking?

Can smoking e-cigarettes really achieve the effect of smoking cessation? This is the question of many smokers. E-cigarettes can be used as a product to help you quit smoking, but it cannot be said that you can completely quit smoking. E-cigarettes imitate traditional cigarettes, which can reduce the harm of cigarettes to the human body to a certain extent.

Can electronic cigarettes quit smoking? In terms of smoking cessation, what electronic cigarettes do is actually 'replacing cigarettes'. Whether you can successfully quit smoking will vary due to the differences among users, but the effect of 'replacing cigarettes' and reducing the amount of smoke is very obvious and universal.

After using e-cigarettes for a period of time, most of them can stop smoking cigarettes completely or greatly reduce the number of cigarettes they smoke. Therefore, the effect of e-cigarettes 'replacing cigarettes' is still very significant. However, whether smoking cessation can be successful depends on the user's own factors.

Indeed, e-cigarettes are a good alternative to traditional cigarettes, but they are by no means a reason to advocate smoking. Huoxue Light Smoke Electronic Cigarette is also well aware of this. Therefore, by developing more vaping products that reduce harm and replace tobacco, they bring richer and more secure choices to smokers, and promote the progress of public health.

The advent of electronic cigarettes may make the trial of smoking cessation easier and less painful. I hope you can really understand electronic cigarettes, open the door to a new world, and experience the endless fun brought by electronic cigarettes.

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