Can vaping products cost less?

by:Runfree     2023-01-19
- 2020-10-30-

Traditional tobacco combines nicotine and ammonia, making it 35 times more addictive. Switching to e-cigarettes can save consumers 50-65% of money in the first year compared to traditional cigarettes. However, consumers first have to buy a vaping kit, which includes a vaporizer, battery and liquid. Because vaping is relatively new to most smokers, many consumers buy e-cigarettes in stores run by vaping suppliers, although they can be purchased online. The average smoker spends hundreds of thousands of dollars a month on smoking. Some even calculate how much money a person will need to pump in their lifetime. The results were staggering, reaching about 150,000. For consumers who smoke more or choose high-priced cigarettes, in other words, the cost is higher. Oh my gosh, we quit. Because it is indeed a considerable expense. So, can smoking e-cigarettes save you money?

There's no need to go into detail about real cigarettes, so let's take a look at what an e-cigarette looks like.

Electronic cigarettes: Electronic cigarettes are microelectronic technology products, including atomizers, lithium batteries and smoke bombs. Although it simulates the smell of cigarettes, it is a non-combustible alternative to cigarettes. The principle of e-cigarettes to generate smoke is through the atomization of e-liquid, which is different from the principle of burning traditional tobacco. The combustion temperature can reach 800-1000 degrees, while the atomization temperature of electronic cigarettes is about 170-200 degrees. At such a high temperature, traditional cigarettes can produce a variety of decomposable substances, as many as 4,000 kinds, nearly half of which are unknown to us. However, the material composition of e-liquid is very clear. It is composed of nicotine, glycerin, water, plant extracts and other ingredients, and the content of nicotine can be controlled, so compared with traditional cigarettes, the harm is greatly reduced. Can smoking vaping save money? E-cigarettes are reusable, and if used only for cigarettes, they will definitely save money over real cigarettes. Therefore, you can save more money buying vaping products than buying real cigarettes.

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