Common Misunderstandings of Using Electric Cigarettes

by:Runfree     2023-03-26

The electronic cigarette device consisting of only two parts, the atomizer and the main unit, seems simple, but some misoperations will inevitably occur in actual operation. The following erroneous operations will often shorten the life of the electronic cigarette device and directly affect the use effect of the electronic cigarette.
1. Use the oil storage atomizer directly after filling it with oil
Many users can't wait to use the oil storage atomizer after refueling. This will make the atomizer core unable to fully absorb the e-liquid, and the oil guide cotton cannot reach a completely wet state. If the core of the oil storage atomizer that does not pass through the core is directly energized after being filled with oil, it is likely to cause the cotton inside the atomizer to be burned. After the oil storage atomizer is filled with oil, wait a few minutes before using it to ensure the service life of the atomizer core.
2. Forgot to close the air inlet when refueling the top oil atomizer

For most of the top-level fuel injection atomizers that do not have the oil circuit sealing function, the air inlet should be closed during the fuel injection operation to ensure that the fuel tank pressure does not leak out. If the air inlet is not closed, it can only be blocked with cotton, which may easily cause oil leakage.
3. Blow air into the nebulizer when powering on

Regardless of whether it is an oil storage atomizer or a drip atomizer, blowing into the atomizer to let the smoke discharge from the air inlet does have a cooling effect, but this will make the smoke discharged from the air inlet atomize the device that produces condensed water on the top and equipment. For oil storage atomizers, excessive air blowing can easily cause the e-liquid to be pressed out and cause oil leakage.
4. Use batteries of different power levels
When high-power devices are used in series, using two batteries with different power levels will cause damage to the low-power batteries, and the stable output of the device cannot be guaranteed. Using different brands of batteries, the difference in capacity, and the difference in discharge capacity will also make the device work unstable. Most importantly, such an operation is likely to be dangerous.
5. When you go out and carry it, forget to turn it off
When you need to carry the e-cigarette with you, please be sure to turn off the device or lock the buttons. For some mechanical devices without locking function, take out the battery if necessary. In this way, the embarrassment of smoking from the trouser pocket can be avoided, and the safety of the device can be ensured when it is carried around.
6. When the equipment is not in use, place it at will
When the electronic cigarette device is not in use, the device must be placed correctly, especially the atomizer must be placed vertically to ensure that the atomizer will not cause oil leakage due to side placement. When the atomizer is not used for a long time, it is also necessary to drain the smoke oil in the atomizer to ensure that the atomizer core will not be damaged due to long-term soaking.
7. Using e-cigarettes for too long
Many e-cigarette users tend to continue smoking e-cigarettes after becoming addicted. When the electronic cigarette is used frequently and continuously, the electronic cigarette core may burn due to overheating. Moreover, excessive use will cause overheating of the atomizer and host equipment, and the e-cigarette battery will also be damaged to a certain extent due to continuous discharge.
8. Use beyond the adaptability of the coil
Most of the finished coils will have the logo of adaptive power supply. If the adaptive power is exceeded, it is likely to cause the atomizing core to burn out and affect the service life of the atomizing core. Even if it is a DIY atomizing core, too high output power will cause the smoke to overheat, and there is a possibility of atomization and combustion.
In the process of using electronic cigarettes, you must develop correct operating habits, and enjoy the fun of using electronic cigarettes while ensuring the stable operation of the equipment. After reading the above content, if you want to know more about electronic cigarettes, you can contact us for more professional solutions.
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