Common problems and solutions of electric cigarettes

by:Runfree     2023-03-17

If you can slowly transition from using high-concentration pods to low-concentration pods through electronic cigarettes, and finally adapt to zero-concentration pods, you can really quit smoking. But in the process of using electronic cigarettes, some problems will inevitably occur. Here are some of these common problems with e-cigarettes and how to fix them.
1. The indicator light is off and there is no smoke

no battery power
Please use the matching charger to charge the battery (please refer to the instruction manual for the charging method). A single charge takes about 3 hours. When charging, the battery headlight is on, and when the light is off, take out the battery for use. Do not charge for more than 4 hours, otherwise the battery will be easily damaged.
The battery is protected
If you use it continuously for more than 15 puffs or use it for a long time (more than 5 seconds), the battery will be in a protected state, and it can be used normally after about 20 seconds.
Battery and atomizer not screwed on
Please tighten the battery and atomizer so that the contact parts are in full contact.
2. A small amount of smoke
During the inhalation process, the smoke becomes significantly smaller
The e-liquid in the ink cartridge may have been used up, please replace it with a new one, and wait for seven or eight seconds before it can be used normally.
After dripping a lot of e-liquid or just changing the pod, the amount of smoke is still very small
This is because there is too much smoke. Please turn the atomizer upside down and shake it out or blow out the excess smoke in the atomizer, and then draw it twice. It can be used normally after three times.
The user smokes hard, but the amount of smoke is still very small
This is due to improper use by users. If the user smokes heavily, the e-cigarette will actually only work for a short time, because the physical strength cannot keep up, so the amount of smoke will be very small. The correct way to use it is to take a puff lightly and steadily to enjoy the pleasure brought by electronic cigarettes.

3. The LED lights often flash
During use, the indicator light on the front of the electronic cigarette often flickers inexplicably, which may be the reason for the program setting. Because many e-cigarettes have a humanized design, when you take 13-15 puffs (about the number of puffs of a cigarette), or use it for a long time (more than 5 seconds), the indicator light will flash.
4. The cigarette holder is hot
Because of frequent use or insufficient e-liquid, the cigarette holder feels hot when smoking. Because the electric cigarette uses a heater to atomize the e-liquid, the center temperature is as high as 280 degrees, and the atomizer adopts a multi-stage heat insulation structure, generally there will be no obvious heat, but it will be caused by frequent use or insufficient e-liquid.
If a certain amount of heat is accumulated, it will feel a little hot, and the user only needs to use it like a normal cigarette. In addition, when the ambient temperature is too high, you will feel hot, so try to minimize the use of e-cigarettes in an overheated environment.
5. There is noise when using
When in use, the atomizer will make a sound due to the atomization of the smoke liquid. The e-cigarette is instantly sublimated into a gas by the liquid e-liquid installed in the heater, which is caused by the drastic physical changes during the sublimation process. The sound is normal.
6. The smoke liquid is sucked into the mouth
When using electronic cigarettes, the smoke liquid is sucked into the mouth due to excessive smoke liquid or improper use method. There is a device inside the electronic cigarette to prevent liquid backflow and inhalation in the mouth. But because the 'smoke' of electronic cigarettes is formed by the liquefaction of liquid.
After dozens of puffs, since the vaporized liquid meets the cooler inner wall of the cigarette holder, it will liquefy into small droplets and adhere to the inside of the cigarette holder, and a small amount of liquid may be inhaled when inhaled. This is normal physical phenomenon. After installing the electronic cigarette, it is enough to turn it out and dry it.
In addition, since the user adds a few drops of e-liquid, it may cause excessive e-liquid to enter the atomizer, and may also inhale the e-liquid.
7. Burnt smell
If there is a burning smell during smoking, it means that the liquid in the pod has been used up. Please replace the ink cartridge in time. After seven or eight seconds, the ink cartridge can be used normally.
If you can choose high-quality electronic cigarettes, these problems will not appear frequently. After reading the above content, if you want to know more about electronic cigarettes, you can contact us for professional solutions.
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