Disposable atomizing stick, help you change the title of smoker

by:Runfree     2023-01-22
- 2020-06-18-

Disposable vaping stick is a very popular product now, the name is a little confusing to everyone, and everyone must know the name, that is electronic cigarettes, as people pay more and more attention to health, many people are now starting to quit smoking, but for many years Quitting smoking is really cruel for many smokers, but the emergence of disposable electronic cigarettes has solved this problem very well.

Disposable atomizing stick, with a filter tip, healthy sharing, fashionable and gorgeous, enough throat hit, instant use and throw away, inhalation is the switch, enjoy anytime, cotton filter tip, closer to the taste of real cigarettes, share, change Just filter.

There are 10 flavors (brackets are the nicotine salt content): Ice Sweet Watermelon (3%), Fresh Mint (3%), Passionate Mango (3%), Old Popsicle (3%), Grapefruit (3%) ), Crystal Grape (3%), Strong Red Bull (3%), Original Tobacco Flavor (3%), Drunken Blueberry (3%), Mung Bean Popsicle (3%), you can choose.

Disposable atomizing sticks are researched and designed to have a variety of flavors, which can be purchased according to personal tastes, and when using electronic cigarettes, it can greatly reduce the absorption of nicotine, and it can play a role in quitting smoking after a long time , For some young people, the appearance of disposable atomizing sticks is very trendy. There are various styles of electronic cigarettes, which can not only be used to help quit smoking, but also can be used as decorations. Therefore, the sales of electronic cigarette manufacturers after production are amazing. , The development of manufacturers has been improved to a higher level. Smoking is harmful to health. I hope that the emergence of electronic cigarettes can help everyone quit smoking better.

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