Emerging Trends in Disposables VS Pod Systems

by:Runfree     2023-03-29
2022/9/27 The trend of disposable electronic cigarettes is very popular recently. You can buy cheap disposable electronic cigarettes from convenience stores, supermarkets or electronic cigarette shops, use them for 1 to 2 days, and then throw them into the trash.
Like many other things, disposable e-cigarettes have become like plastic bags and many non-biodegradable convenience items, and how often you use them and their impact on the environment is a personal matter for everyone. Compared to disposable e-cigarettes, rechargeable vaping systems are more environmentally sustainable. The following is a comparison of disposable electronic cigarettes and rechargeable electronic cigarettes.
Advantages of Disposable Electronic Cigarettes
You can easily collect it at the most convenient location
Great for a quick fix without a regular vape
95% better than smoking and has all the benefits of vaping
Advantages of rechargeable vape pod systems
Most fast chargers are very fast, so as long as you have a charging port or portable charger, a vaping device crisis is unlikely
All new pod systems are refillable ensuring you get the most life out of your coils.
Many times, you also get a battery indicator so you know how much time or charge you have left before it dies.
Compatible with bulk e-liquids with salted nicotine or 50/50 blends
Once you decide to use a pod system, you can choose to slowly lower the nicotine level if that is your goal to reduce or quit nicotine dependence
Be completely open to all flavors that suit your taste
You can have multiple Pods on the go and swap them out so you can change flavors or strengths on the go.
Overall much cheaper. Reasonable pod system vape kits start at around £20, which equates to the cost of 4 disposables.
If you're looking to get the most satisfaction out of your smaller Pod System unit, we have a selection of great pod systems that we've tried and tested to deliver excellent value and performance. The same disposable e-cigarette has its advantages. If you want to buy disposable electronic cigarette or pod system, please contact us.
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