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Global e-cigarette industry hot news of the week

Global e-cigarette industry hot news of the week


1. Anhui police uncovered a large-scale production and sale of fake e-cigarettes

Recently, Anhui province successfully cracked a large-scale production and sale of shoddy products, arrested 10 suspects, seized more than 540,000 pieces of electronic cigarettes and accessories, and more than 40 sets of various processing machines, involving more than 80 million yuan.

Three illegal and shoddy e-cigarette factories were destroyed in the operation, and a multi-level underground sales network involving nearly 20 provinces and cities, including Tianjin, Guangdong, Shandong, Sichuan, Anhui, Heilongjiang and Hainan, was destroyed.

2. A major case involving the manufacture and sale of fake and substandard e-cigarettes worth over 100 million yuan was cracked in Wuhan

Recently, under the command and coordination of the Public Security Corps of Hubei Provincial Public Security Department and the inspection corps of Provincial Tobacco Monopoly Bureau, and with the cooperation of the tobacco monopoly department, the public security department of Wuhan City organized a strong force to raid and track across the province. With the assistance of the public security department and the tobacco department of Shenzhen City, they successfully destroyed an illegal manufacture and sale of fake and shoddy electronic cigarettes, and arrested 8 people involved on the spot.

Up to now, more than 213,000 fake and shoddy e-cigarettes, e-cigarette bombs and e-cigarette devices have been seized in the whole case, with a physical case value of nearly 20 million yuan and over 100 million yuan involved.

3. Zhuo Lineng launched FRESOR, a new generation of e-cigarette technology platform

On May 5, Zhuo Lineng ALD, a leading company in the e-cigarette industry, released its new technology brand FRESOR online via YouTube. The FRESOR technology has been applied to two product lines: the FRESOR Nova (small volume series) and the FRESOR Max (large volume series).

4. Insead Holdings: InSEAD is available in selected retail stores in Beijing and Shenzhen

On May 11, Shunhao Shares held 2022 annual results presentation. The company disclosed that InSEAD has advanced to the national Tobacco Marketing Center and has advanced to Shenzhen, Beijing, Qingdao and Shanghai for product introduction. At present, some retail stores in Beijing and Shenzhen have listed the company's products.

5. Meizhoulian won the title of Shenzhen Specialized and Special New Enterprise

Recently, Shenzhen SME Service Bureau released the 2023 list of Shenzhen's "specialized, specialized and innovative" enterprises. After expert review and comprehensive evaluation, Shenzhen Meizhong Technology Co., Ltd. won the recognition of Shenzhen's "specialized, specialized and innovative" enterprises.

6. British prison inmates spend £7.65 million a year on e-cigarettes

E-cigarette consumption in the UK prison system has risen year on year since the ban was introduced, with inmates spending £7.65 million on e-cigarettes last year, the highest in the past three years, the Metro reported. The popularity of e-cigarettes among inmates has almost made them hard currency in prisons.

7. Altria settles 6,000 Juul-related lawsuits for $235 million

In recent days, Altria Group has reached an agreement to settle at least 6,000 state and federal cases related to Juul for $235 million. In March, Altria Group also announced that it had exchanged its entire 35% stake in Juul for a non-exclusive, irrevocable worldwide license to certain Juul heated tobacco intellectual property.

8. Malaysia proposes to only allow the sale of e-vape in sealed glass bottles

The Malaysian Drug Abuse Commission (Masac) has recommended that only locally-produced sealed glass bottles of vape be allowed to be sold in the country, The Star reported. The Masac Secretary general said the use of airtight glass bottles minimizes the risk of adding harmful substances. He also suggested raising the age limit for vaping from 18 to 21.

9. Both Vuse and Juul saw their U.S. market share decline slightly

According to the latest convenience store report released last week by Nielsen, Reynolds Reynolds Tobacco's Vuse e-cigarette brand saw its market share lead in the United States drop slightly, from 42.2 percent to 41.8 percent, while Juul's share fell from 26.1 percent to 26 percent. NJoy, No. 3, was unchanged at 2.7 percent.

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