How to activate the electronic cigarette coil?

by:Runfree     2023-03-24

8/9/2022 Due to the internal design of some newer coils (coil tip, atomizer tip, wick, burner - all the same word), e-liquid may take longer to be absorbed. Some coils take no time at all, you can set them aside for a few minutes and they will be ready, while others may take longer.
To minimize the risk of smelling burnt and damaging the coil, follow these simple steps to 'prime' or 'plug in' your vaping coil.
Install the coil and fill the tank
Install the new coil into the bottom of the tank.
For standard ecig coils, put a few drops of e-liquid directly into the hole in the top of the coil to help with saturation.
If you're using a larger coil, you can also put a few drops on bare cotton through the holes around the coil.
You will usually need to top up the tank to the maximum level, but keep in mind that the manufacturer recommends leaving a small air pocket in some tanks. Assume full unless you tell otherwise (but not above the center airflow duct if you're filling from the bottom).
Filling the tank completely will ensure that when liquid enters the wicking area of ​​the coil (where the cotton or absorbent material sits), the proper level will be maintained during start-up and the vacuum created will also work.
Screw everything together firmly, but don't overtighten and risk damaging the seals, and always make sure the seals are seated properly to avoid damaging them.
start up
Let the full tank wait a moment - it may take a few minutes for the liquid to absorb and fully soak inside the new coil you just installed.
The liquid needs to fully saturate the coil before heating - there shouldn't be any dry cotton or capillary areas inside the coil before pressing the fire button.
Thinner fluids may take less time to prime, while thicker, more viscous fluids with higher levels of VG (vegetable glycerin) and larger coils may take longer to prime.
You can speed up the process by puffing on the e-cigarette without pressing the ignition button, as this will help draw the liquid into the coil.
The suction created while pumping will help pull the liquid into the absorbent material inside the coil, fully saturating it.
If you reduce the incoming airflow at startup and it still feels airy, you can do the same for the stylus.
It's never a bad idea to let your device sit for a while after filling until you're pretty familiar with the coils.
This could be anywhere from 5 minutes to half an hour before you try vaping - as long as you want to be safe, but it doesn't need to be hours.
Installing new coils and topping up the gas tank is a good general rule when you're not in a hurry.
It's very easy to burn a coil and get that horrible taste, so take your time.
Patience and knowledge are the keys to not wasting coils and not wasting money.
quick hit
After following the guidelines above, the coil should be ready to go, however, it is good practice to 'hit it fast', so be careful not to apply too much power to the coil right after firing. Kind of like a car, only driven gently while warming up.
A variable voltage device can facilitate starting. Vacuum 5 watts at a time, then increase wattage in small increments, one puff at a time, and repeat until you reach the usual recommended wattage.
Don't worry if you can't change the voltage.
Then do it with a quick hit - a quick hit means drawing very quickly from the mouthpiece without inhaling steam (quick hit, blow out).
If you do this about 5 times, you'll usually be fine after that, however, details will vary with any one product, especially cotton loops. The viscosity of the e-liquid also has an effect. Get the gist of 'boot' and note that it may require more persistence than detailed here.
Organic Cotton Rolls
When you are using cotton coils it is very important to make sure the coil is fully saturated with liquid to avoid dry shock (to avoid burning the cotton inside the coil).
Burning cotton releases unhealthy chemicals, kind of like toast, they are bad and should not be inhaled.
If you burn cotton, the steam will be especially bad and the liquid may turn black.
Cotton often enhances flavor and retains your liquid better than traditional silica wicks.
Cotton also tends to perform better in thicker liquids.
The above details how to start the electronic cigarette coil. If you want to know more or want to buy electronic cigarettes, please contact us.
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