How to choose a good electronic cigarette product?

by:Runfree     2023-01-20

1. Smoke output. The structural design of the entire electronic cigarette, the air inlet, and the airflow channel.

Second, the length of battery life. Because the battery is connected to the atomizer, liquid atomization requires a lot of energy, so the battery life is the standard to measure whether an e-cigarette is excellent.

3. The appearance of electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes have a refreshing appearance, rigorous design, and exquisite workmanship, which can give people a pleasant feeling and help them quit smoking successfully.

Fourth, the taste. There are many types of e-cigarette flavors. Taste is the defect of electronic cigarettes, but in recent years, more and more attention has been paid to electronic cigarettes in China, so the taste is closer to real cigarettes, for example, the taste of tobacco is closer to real cigarettes. The mint flavor and fruit flavor are generally preferred by women.

Analysis of common problems of e-cigarette novices: 1: The taste of e-liquid: generally divided into (fruit) (baking) (tobacco) (mint) and so on. Fruit e-liquids are more easily accepted by the domestic public. Baking e-liquids with this flavor often feel greasy when smoked, so they are suitable for occasional use to adjust the taste. Tobacco e-liquids generally imitate real cigarettes or cigars, but there are still certain differences between tobacco e-liquids and ordinary cigarettes, and cannot extract the taste of ordinary cigarettes. 2: The concentration of e-liquid: divided into (0mg) (3mg) (6mg) (12mg) nicotine content, the higher the concentration, the stronger the throat hit, and the higher the concentration may cause you to choke your throat reaction. Generally, lung smokers will choose between 0mg-6mg, and most of them will not choose more than 6mg, while mouth smokers who are more addicted to cigarettes will choose 12mg. If you feel that the throat hit is not enough, you can buy diluted e-liquid by yourself. If the throat hit is too strong, VG glycerin can be added to dilute it. Some players are allergic to PG/propylene glycol and may experience symptoms such as nausea/dizziness after use. Such people can choose e-liquid whose base liquid is pure VG. 3: The taste of the same bottle of e-liquid is different: Different atomizers, different structures, different air intake volumes and different data may produce different shades. Like me, I basically have fixed data, and then find an e-cigarette that is close to my own taste, so that it is easier to distinguish the essential taste of e-liquid. So novices can try branded e-cigarette products.

4: Rejuvenation: Is rejuvenation important to a bottle of e-juice? Many people say that e-liquid can be more mellow after waking up, and many people say that the flavor of e-liquid will not be so strong after waking up. For the editor, there is no need at all. A bottle of finished e-juice leaves the factory and then reaches the hands of merchants, and it has been in our personal hands for a long time, so why do we have to wake up? However, for DIY e-liquid, it is recommended to store it for a few days before smoking. 5: The shelf life and storage of e-liquid: The shelf life of e-liquid on the market is basically about 1 year. So we try to use it up within 1 year. The method of preservation is the same as our principle of eating and drinking, and try to avoid direct sunlight. 6: The tongue is sweet during smoking: I believe many friends have encountered this problem. This may be condensate, or it may be smoke oil. What to do at this time, increase the power to atomize the e-liquid more thoroughly, and wipe the drip mouth with a piece of cotton by the way. 7: Oil leakage of the atomizer: When the oil leakage problem occurs, the first thing we need to do is not to question the quality of the atomizer. If it is a finished core atomizer, first take out the finished core and dry it, and then After dry burning for a while to dry out the smoke oil in the core, reinstall it, and do not perform the process of moistening the core again. This process is very easy to cause oil leakage from the atomizer. If it is a DIY atomizer, first check whether the amount of cotton is less, and there is no oil leakage caused by blocking the oil inlet hole. The second is to check the rubber ring, thread and the like. . 8: The choice of atomizer: I will not talk about the finished atomizer, but I will talk about the DIY atomizer that novice players can choose. It is very important for beginners to choose simple DIY atomizers, such as dual-drive atomizers, pod-replacement atomizers, etc. These are relatively good in taste and easy to DIY. Drip oil entry is optional. 9: Cleaning of the nebulizer: It is recommended to soak the nebulizer in hot water just after getting it. It depends on personal preference whether to boil it or not. Remember to take out the apron when using hot water. Whenever we finish smoking a tank and prepare to change the e-liquid, just wash the glass tank, and wipe the other parts with a paper towel and it will be OK. 10: Burnt smell: The reason for the strong burnt smell is the dry burning of cotton, which is caused by the insufficient supply of e-liquid. The effective solution is to reduce the amount of cotton, and don't rub the cotton very compactly. Fluffy is more important. 11: Cracks in the acrylic bin: The reason for the cracks is basically that the VG ratio is too high, or the e-liquid flavor is corrosive. 12: Is e-cigarette harmful: To be honest, I don’t know, I only know that the nicotine in e-cigarette is harmful. 13: Choice of power battery: There are too many batteries on the market, so I won't explain them one by one. 14: Regarding the problem of scalding the nozzle when playing with big smoke: It is normal to use a metal drip nozzle under high power, and it is normal to burn the nozzle. The solution is to replace the drip nozzle is more effective. 15: Atomizer jumping resistance problem: Check whether the screw fixing the corner of the heating wire is tightened, whether the corner of the wire is too long to cause a wall, and whether the positive electrode of the atomizer is loose. 16: Oil guide cotton. 17: Metal drip tip problem: The metal drip tip is very easy to stick to the mouth skin. After sticking to the mouth skin, it will make people look very disgusting. In addition to changing the drip tip, you can only wipe it with a wet paper towel. 18: At high power, the atomizer is very hot and spreads to the fuselage. Solution: You can buy a 510 heat sink for about 10 yuan.

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