How to do e-cigarette OEM? Is the OEM production of e-cigarettes illegal?

by:Runfree     2023-01-10

Recently, many customers have asked about the OEM of disposable e-cigarettes, indicating that everyone’s business is transferring overseas, but some friends seem to have a relatively shallow understanding of the industry, and they don’t know how to do OEM of e-cigarettes, and even asked about this The question of whether the behavior is illegal or not, if it is illegal, how can so many people do it? Today, the editor of VAPE will give you a popular science about disposable electronic cigarette OEM.

How to do disposable electronic cigarette OEM?

Disposable e-cigarette OEM is still very easy to do, most of the e-cigarette factories will receive OEM production, and now many are exported overseas, so the production of disposable e-cigarette OEM has become the mainstream of the current factory channels, and even many brand owners have begun to accept overseas OEM orders.

But the best thing is to find a factory by yourself, because you can talk directly with the factory without going through a middleman, and the price will be lower. After all, the orders for e-cigarette OEM are relatively large, even for one Save 50 cents, 10,000 can save 5,000 yuan.

As for how to find e-cigarette factories, everyone will spend a lot of effort. You can search for e-cigarette factories, ome, and OEM on the Internet to find some factories.

Another way is to go to Shenzhen, Dongguan, and Huizhou to search for it on the spot. This is time-consuming and expensive, after all, you have to go out for a run.

Of course, if you really find it troublesome, you can also consult us. Our customer service can guide you about the method, or help you do OEM.

Is the OEM production of disposable electronic cigarettes illegal?

It is not illegal. Disposable e-cigarette OEM is still very popular in China. There is no law at present that stipulates that e-cigarette OEM is illegal. Many overseas disposable e-cigarette products are produced by OEM. Let me introduce OEM to you The principle of production:

E-cigarette OEM production means that the factory will give you some public e-cigarette models. These models can only be produced by them without brand constraints, so the factory can use this model for anyone. You only need to design some stickers and packages, etc. and add your own The brand name can be regarded as your brand product, so this does not violate any legal treaties.

Unless you use some private models of some brands, counterfeit products are the models and brands of other people's products, which is illegal.

The above is how to do e-cigarette OEM and some legal content. In short, it is still easy to do e-cigarette OEM now. Most factories can do it. There is no technical difficulty. If you have certain customers, it is completely It is possible to do this, after all, the cost is much lower without going through the brand owner.

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