How to judge the quality of electronic cigarettes?

by:Runfree     2023-03-24

E-cigarette products are very popular technological products in recent years, and there are many types of products on the market. In order to make huge profits, some unscrupulous merchants cut corners on products and harm the interests of consumers. In order to avoid buying inferior e-cigarette products, we share the following methods to judge the quality of e-cigarettes.
(1) Judging whether the atomizer is good or bad
To judge whether the atomizer is good or bad, first look at the power. The electronic cigarette chip control is generally 3.7V, and the heating wire is generally 0.1mm nickel-cadmium heating wire. Therefore, considering the power bearing capacity of the heating wire, the resistance of the atomizer is generally around 3 ohms, so the power of the atomizer is generally: 4.5 watts is the best.
If the power is too high, the chip will be burned or the heating wire will be blown; if the power is too low, the smoke output will not be ideal. In order to pursue power, some merchants increase the current to 1.6 amps. According to this calculation, the resistance is only 3.3 ohms, and the power can reach 5.88 watts. This kind of power will make the atomizer easy to burn out, and the battery chip industry is prone to short circuit signals. (while inhaling, keep the light on for 3 seconds, do not smoke).
The life of the atomizer is generally about half a year. Some companies have poor technology and the product can only be used for 3 months or less. JOCEIG comprehensively improves the quality of atomizers. From each accessory to the overall structural innovation, the product quality has been successfully improved and the rights and interests of consumers have been protected.
(2) Check the battery chip
Generally, the charging cycle of lithium battery is 350-400 times. According to the 135 mAh battery, it needs to be charged at least 3 times a day, and it can only be used for 300 days (after 300 days, it does not mean that the battery is broken, it is the second time after 400, and it can only be charged to about 80% of the power). If there is a problem with the chip, electronic cigarettes are generally regarded as junk products.
(3) Check the quality of the battery (device)
From a professional point of view, use one end of the tweezers to touch the red wire on the chip, and the other end to touch the other two wires for 3 seconds. At this time, there will definitely be sparks. Check to see if the e-cigarette still works after the spark. If it does, the chip is short-circuit protected. If you can't, ask the manufacturer to return the product, because the product made of this chip is a junk product and may explode or burn.
The electronic cigarette products designed and manufactured by JOCEIG are made of high-quality materials and safe designs. We carry out comprehensive quality control on atomizers and batteries. At the same time, we can also provide users with thoughtful one-stop service. If you are interested in our electronic cigarettes, you can also find out by searching related products on our website.
As an experienced supplier of electronic cigarette products, our goal is to provide users with safe and high-quality products. Our products cover a variety of types and specifications, equipped with professional services, so that users have no worries. We can also provide customers with effective solutions and comprehensive customized services. If you want to buy our electronic cigarettes, please contact us now!
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