How to make your Vape Juice taste better?

by:Runfree     2023-03-23
2/6/2023 One of the many reasons people choose to switch from tobacco cigarettes to vaping devices is because there are so many different flavored vaping juices to try. It's not uncommon for people to dislike the taste of tobacco and live with it to get nicotine, but vaping devices offer them a tastier way to curb their nicotine cravings.
You may have heard of 'cloud chasers' before, but many vapers are actually 'flavor chasers' who want not a huge cloud but a rich flavor of their vapor. Thankfully, there are many easy ways to enhance the flavor of your vaping liquid, and if your vaping currently tastes bland, improving your vaping experience isn't difficult. So, if you want to make your e-liquid more fragrant, try the following methods.
Switch to new flavors of electronic cigarettes
Sometimes 'vaping tongue' or 'vaping fatigue' can lead to a lackluster vaping experience, and there's usually a simple solution; replace the e-liquid you're vaping. Over time when you're only using one liquid it starts to lose flavor and you can't taste as much, so a little mixing can make a big difference.
Experiment with different vape juice ratios
You'll notice that your e-liquid has a PG/VG ratio, which affects how the liquid tastes. In short, 'standard' e-juice is a 50/50 ratio, but switching to a higher PG e-juice will positively affect your experience. In addition to offering more flavor, high PG e-liquids also provide a greater throat hit, which can take some getting used to.
Make sure the tank is cleaned properly
It's not uncommon for 'flavor ghosting' to make your e-juice unenjoyable. When the smell of old juice lingers in your vaping device, it can spoil the new flavors you put in, so a thorough cleaning of your juice tank is key. If you like to switch between strong and contrasting flavors on a regular basis, consider buying multiple cans, as it's easier to use different cans for different flavors.
Always store e-juice properly
Where you store your e-cigarette juice can affect how it tastes, and if you're looking to snag a few bottles of your favorite flavor on sale, it's important to make sure you're storing them the right way. Ideally, you should keep your vape juice bottle in a cool, dark place like a cupboard, as this helps prevent the ingredients from decomposing, which can change the flavor of the juice, making it taste and smell weird.
Change settings on your device
Depending on the type of vape device you are using, you can change the power, temperature and airflow settings. Experimenting with these settings will not only help improve your overall vaping experience, but will also make your vape juice taste more palatable. If you have a basic starter kit, either a vape pen or a vape pod, and you don't have adjustable settings, you may want to upgrade to a new device.
Only do well-known brands of e-cigarettes
Not all e-juice brands taste the same, and you will notice that some of the bottles you use taste better than others. To prevent vape juice from disappointing in terms of taste, make sure you only use reputable brands known for their typical offerings, and always check reviews before buying a new flavor.
buy new e-liquid
There's no denying that vaping with tasty vape juice is a lot more fun than smoking tobacco, and the tips above should come in handy if you want to get the most out of your current vape flavor. Try all these different ideas and see for yourself how delicious your vape will be
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