How to properly maintain e-cigarette batteries?

by:Runfree     2023-03-24
2021/9/13 E-cigarette batteries have gone through development stages such as voltage stabilization, temperature control, and super-high power, and their motherboard technology has gradually matured.
At present, most mainstream e-cigarette batteries, whether they are single-cell or multi-cell devices, have strong and stable output capabilities. Although the equipment has been maintained at a relatively uniform level, learning the following maintenance methods can keep the e-cigarette battery in the best condition.
Replace the battery in time, don't wait for weak electricity
Due to the sufficient series voltage of dual-battery devices, the frequency of battery replacement will be relatively slow. But for single-battery devices, continuous high power output will quickly drain the battery power. A single battery after power consumption cannot reach the high power output capacity set by the device, which directly affects the user experience.
Pay attention to clean the condensate or smoke oil near the battery interface
During the use of the atomizer, it is inevitable that condensate will accumulate or leak. Disposing of these liquids in time can effectively avoid battery damage. If left untreated, condensation can corrode the screws and other metal parts on top of the battery. Even for some batteries with electrode leakage protection, liquid may flow into the battery and cause greater damage to the battery.
Wipe the contacts and positive and negative terminals inside the battery regularly
Although most of the contacts inside the battery are gold or silver plated, oxidation is still unavoidable. Regularly wipe the battery contacts and clean the positive and negative electrodes of the battery, which can ensure the normal current output of the battery and ensure that the battery maintains the best output state at any time.
It is recommended to remove the atomizer when not using the battery
In fact, the electrode interface part is the most problematic part of the battery. Cleaning the oxide on the electrode part during daily use can ensure a smooth connection between the battery and the atomizer. At the same time, if the battery is not used for a long time, it is recommended to remove the atomizer to reduce the pressure of the atomizer on the battery electrode.
Regardless of the type of vaping device, it is important to maintain regular maintenance. For e-cigarette batteries, regular maintenance can maintain the strongest output performance at any time and provide a steady stream of power for the atomizer. If you want to get more knowledge about electronic cigarettes after reading the above content, please contact us for professional solutions. The electronic cigarette products produced by JOCEIG are equipped with high-quality batteries and accessories, so that users can get the best experience.
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