How to reduce the failure probability of electronic cigarettes?

by:Runfree     2023-03-21

Electronic cigarettes usually fail due to improper operation during normal use and maintenance. Therefore, whether you are a new user or an electronic cigarette enthusiast, you must consider the following aspects when using and maintaining it.
1. Location
Electronic cigarettes should be placed according to the principle. When there is e-liquid in the atomizer, the mouthpiece should be placed upwards. But it is best not to stand upside down, so as not to expose the remaining e-liquid in the atomizer.
2. Battery Maintenance
The maintenance of the battery is more important, because the electronic cigarette battery is the main component. Try charging the battery when it is dead. Charge once, do not cut off the power halfway.
Take out the battery within half an hour after it is fully charged, and turn off the power of the electronic cigarette when it is not in use for a long time. Generally, electronic cigarettes are switched on and off 5 times within 2 seconds.
When the e-cigarette is not in use, the battery should be taken out and put into the VC4S charger, used in the storage mode, and the battery should be charged and discharged to 3.7V for low-temperature dry storage.
3. Atomizer
The core of the atomizer is the atomizing core, which is composed of a resistor, oil guide rope and some accessories. The most common problem with atomizers is burnt smell from the atomizer. The reason is resistance heating which causes the wick to burn. Therefore, during use, pay attention to the remaining amount of e-liquid and do not dry it. Adjustable voltage The computer room should adjust the voltage appropriately.
Don't go for high voltage. It's nice to have the right taste. If you want to smoke, you must pay attention to e-liquid. Generally, when the remaining e-liquid volume is more than 2/3, using 5-6V voltage is not easy to cause burning. As the e-juice decreases, the smell will slowly reduce the voltage.
4. Some treatment methods for oil leakage and oil inflow of the atomizer
Traditional atomizers generally have an air guide hole at the bottom for air guide. But after a long time, there will be a little smoke oil (but it will not leak into the fuselage, and you can't feel it outside), which is normal.
It is recommended to separate the battery from the atomizer every time you add e-liquid, and wipe it clean with a paper towel. Because usually add e-liquid once a day and wipe it once a day.
The atomizer has oil, there are two main situations:
(1) There is oil in the contact between the cigarette holder and the mouth, which may be caused by accidental refueling of the cigarette holder, just wipe it with a paper towel;
(2) There is oil in the cigarette but there is no oil in the cigarette holder. There is oil in the exhaust vent. Wipe the atomizing core clean, twist it into thin strips with a paper towel, and stick it into the smoke outlet to absorb the e-liquid.
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