Is vaping safer than smoking?

by:Runfree     2023-03-27
2019/11/6 Are e-cigarettes safer than smoking?

Smoking remains the biggest single killer in the UK, accounting for 77,800 deaths and 489,300 hospital admissions in 2017 in England alone. Smokers who start smoking around adulthood lose an average of 10 years of life expectancy, or about 1 year lost in smoking every 4 years after age 30. [4]

The RCP's first report on Tobacco, Smoking and Health in 1962 [5] was the first to alert the public to the dangers of smoking. Since 2000 it has produced a series of detailed reports focusing on how to reduce death and disease from smoking, lobbying for more harm reduction policies and offering support to smokers who want to quit.

The RCP's 2016 report Nicotine-Free: Reducing Tobacco Harm [6] highlighted that people smoke because they are addicted to nicotine, but are harmed by other components of tobacco smoke, and that providing nicotine without other harmful components can prevent most smoking harm. The report states that long-term vapor inhalation is unlikely to be more than 5 percent of the health risks associated with smoking.

The report also states that health risks may arise from contaminants and components produced during the vaporization process, which can be reduced with better technology and purer products, but are still likely to be substantially lower. on the risk of smoking. It recommends that the regulation of cigarettes should aim to minimize potential exposure to harmful vapor constituents.

E-cigarettes are proving to be more popular than previous forms of nicotine replacement therapy, with the latest evidence being that in 2017 some 50,700 to 69,930 smokers used vaping to quit smoking who would otherwise have continued smoking. [7]

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