Little common sense about disposable electronic cigarettes

by:Runfree     2023-01-11

How to use disposable e-cigarettes? Based on current experience, we can talk about some common sense about disposable electronic cigarettes. I hope it can help friends in need!

Use after the smoke oil enters the heating wire to prevent dry burning

1. It is forbidden to smoke unrefueled disposable electronic cigarettes, otherwise the heating wire will be damaged due to dry burning;

2. After oiling, please let the equipment stand for 3-5 minutes before using it, otherwise the heating wire will be damaged due to dry burning;

3. Long-term mixing and injecting different flavors of e-liquid will easily lead to taste deviation and reduce the service life of the atomizer core.

Replacement cycle of electronic cigarette cartridges

1. The normal service life of the atomizer core is 2-4 weeks, and the replacement cycle depends on the actual use;

2. Under normal use, if there is a slight pasty smell after inhalation, you need to replace the atomizer with a new one.

Pay attention to safety when charging at one time

Please be sure to use a regular charger to charge the disposable electronic cigarette with 5V voltage and 1A current, and avoid overcharging.

Lung inhalation disposable electronic cigarette method

1. Lung suction disposable electronic cigarette means that it sucks directly into the lungs without staying in the mouth (can be used as a deep breathing suction shape), which is different from ordinary smoking methods;

2. Under normal use, the device will produce a lot of smoke. Please use it with the tube of lung suction to bring the best user experience!

How to Prevent Dry Mouth Using Disposable Vapes

Disposable e-cigarette liquid usually contains vegetable glycerin (VG, edible), and vegetable glycerin is hygroscopic, so you may feel dry mouth during use, which is normal. Please drink plenty of water.

Using disposable e-cigarette mouthpieces to get hot?

1. Electronic cigarettes use heating wires to atomize e-liquid and generate smoke;

2. Excessive use of disposable electronic cigarettes in a short period of time will generate a lot of heat, and you may feel some heat in the mouthpiece. This is normal and not a security risk. Please feel free to use it.

3. The temperature of the newly generated smoke is relatively high, so do not point it at the lips or tongue. The best position is to hold the mouthpiece of the mouthpiece with your lips, relax your tongue, and let your mouth open.

What is the disposable electronic cigarette inlet

Under normal use, do not block the air intake and keep the air intake unobstructed for the best experience!

Why use disposable e-cigarettes to choke

1. The smoke produced by electronic cigarettes is water vapor (solid dust after burning cigarettes), you may not be used to it at first, please try a few more times;

2. Disposable electronic cigarettes are different from cigarettes. Normal cigarettes are inhaled through the mouth: the inhale enters the mouth, stays and enters the lungs.

3. E-liquid contains a small amount of nicotine; nicotine has a stimulating effect on the throat: the throat is hit. (Similar to the feeling in the throat when smoking a cigarette, we often say the throat hit)

The above is the relevant introduction about the use of electronic cigarettes. For more detailed information on the working principle and usage, please refer to the device manual. I wish you a pleasant experience!

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