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by:Runfree     2023-01-14
- 2019-10-16-

People who have just started to use electronic cigarettes will inevitably encounter some large and small problems during the use process, and they have to ask why everything. Today, e-cigarettes will answer some questions about a few small questions, hoping to help you.

Q: Why is there a 'crackling' sound when the electronic cigarette is working?

A: The working principle of e-cigarettes is to vaporize the liquid into smoke through the high-temperature heating of the atomizing head.

Q: Why do I cough when I first started using e-cigarettes?

A: Some users will feel choking and coughing when they first come into contact with e-cigarettes. After excluding the unsuitable smoke liquid concentration and the dry burning of the atomizer head, the possible reason is that the users have never been in contact with e-cigarettes before. There is no tar in it, and its throat hit will be stronger than that of real smoke, so you need to get used to it slowly, and pay attention to drinking plenty of water after smoking for a long time.

Q: Why does the smoke of e-cigarettes have a sweet taste?

A: The e-cigarette liquid is formulated according to the formula flavor. Because there is no open flame to burn, it does not have the bitter and astringent taste of real cigarettes. The vegetable glycerin and flavor in the e-cigarette liquid are slightly sweet, so it will feel sweet when you smoke it. A little sweet.

Q: Why does the smoking set feel hot when using the electronic cigarette?

A: The working principle of the electronic cigarette is to provide current through the battery, and heat the heating wire in the atomizing head to evaporate the liquid into smoke. The heat of the atomizing head will be dissipated when working, and the metal body of the smoking set has thermal conductivity, so the heat will be dissipated and conducted. The faster the smoking frequency, the more obvious the heating of the smoking set.

Q: Why does liquid appear in the place where the cigarette holder is installed after smoking for a while?

A: The smoke of electronic cigarettes is produced by high-temperature evaporation. When the smoke passes through the airway in the middle, it will condense into condensate, just like the water vapor that comes out when boiling water touches the liquid that condenses into the lid of the pot. . Just pull out the cigarette holder and wipe the interface with a paper towel.

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