Novices don't know how to choose? Learn more about disposable atomizing sticks

by:Runfree     2023-01-18
- 2019-10-18-

With the innovation of electronic cigarette technology, more and more consumers like this atomizing product because of its high portability and excellent efficacy. However, in the face of blowout products , many consumers find it difficult to choose. Today, the editor will answer the question of 'newbies don't know how to choose', and solve users' doubts about atomizing stick products before buying.

Q: How many categories are there in the current atomizing stick products?

A: According to the structure and function of atomizing rods, they can be divided into three types: disposable atomizing rods, cartridge-type atomizing rods and oil-filled atomizing rods.

Q: What are the characteristics of different types of atomizing rods?

A: Disposable atomizing stick: no need to charge, no need to repeatedly add e-liquid, the body is relatively small and light, easy to carry, in order to make smokers who touch the disposable atomizing stick have a better taste experience, the current disposable fog There are many different flavors of the atomizing stick. The disposable atomizing stick uses nicotine salt imported from the United States to give users a more realistic nicotine experience. It is delicate and rich, pure and smooth, and provides users with a nicotine satisfaction that is close to real smoke. Twelve flavors meet all your requirements.

Replacing pods: Pods need to be replaced and recharged. The taste can satisfy more smokers. At the same time, you can choose your favorite pods and change pods with different flavors at any time.

Oil-filled atomizing stick: It needs to be charged, filled with oil or replaced with pods. Users can choose their favorite flavor of vape oil to refill, but the operation is cumbersome.

Q:. How to choose a suitable disposable atomizing stick product according to your needs?

A: Generally speaking, disposable atomizing sticks are more suitable for users with low frequency of use, certain social sharing needs or entry-level e-cigarette users. The bomb-changing atomizing stick is more suitable for users who want to satisfy both portability and taste diversity. The oil-filled atomizing stick is more suitable for users who use it more frequently and have their favorite flavor of e-liquid.

According to the different classifications of atomizing rods and their respective characteristics, you can delineate the types you need when choosing atomizing rod products, so that you can more easily choose the products that suit you.

For entry-level smokers, it is recommended to use disposable atomizing stick products, which are easy to carry, have various flavors, and there is no threshold for operation. A product that operates.

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