Pod Systems: A Different Vaping Experience

by:Runfree     2023-03-30
2022/11/1 When you first get into vaping, choosing the right device for you can be a daunting task. With so many options like cigalikes, vape pens, tube mods, and box mods, the choices can quickly become overwhelming.
In recent years, pod systems—also known as pods, pods, mini-pods, or pods—have become a new player in the market, and their popularity is steadily increasing. But what are they, what's so great about them, and why are you better off choosing a pod system over another vaping kit?
What is a pod system?
As the name suggests, pod systems are made from e-liquid pods, which are either “closed” pre-filled disposables or can be refilled with your other favorite flavors, depending on the device you buy. When the fluid runs out, simply remove it from the battery section and replace it with a new one. It's that simple!
So basically, pods work like atomizers or tanks in other devices, holding and vaporizing e-liquid. Their (usually) small battery capacity (~300mAh) and limited space (1-2ml) make them very convenient to carry around, but also inconvenient if you use them a lot, in which case you may need to charge them During the day and have some alternative flavors on hand.
However, more and more pod systems are being developed with larger batteries. So if you choose one of these, you shouldn't have any problems if this sort of thing bothers you.
Pod System Helps Quit Smoking
Pod kits are also a great introduction to vaping if you are transitioning from smoking to vaping. Unlike many other devices, they use the mouth-to-lung inhalation that most smokers use, and most are opened using your breath rather than any buttons, which makes the process more authentic and easier to get used to.
Advantages of the pod system
Not only are pod systems compact, they're also discreet - since they don't produce a lot of steam, they're better for public use, but if you're more of a cloud chaser, you might not agree with them too much. If you have purchased an open pod system and want to refill it, you should remember that pod kits are not suitable for liquids with high VG levels - it is better to choose a high PG blend with more nicotine to make up for the small amount of vapor .
Which brings us to another advantage of pod systems: they are compatible with nicotine salts, giving you higher nicotine levels and a smooth throat hit without sacrificing any flavor. The nicotine content of e-liquid containing nicotine salt is as high as 59mg/ml, while the nicotine content of ordinary e-liquid is usually about 12mg/ml.
However, this doesn't make the former any harsher on vaping - if combined with an acid, the overall pH of the nickel salt liquid will be lowered, allowing for a smoother experience. Research shows that nicotine salts are the most efficient way to deliver nicotine to the body and are absorbed faster than the 'free base' nicotine found in other e-liquids, giving you a longer-lasting gratification.
This is what makes the pod system stand out: as a low powered and portable device, it's great for use with nic salts, and if you're eager to vape infrequently, size probably won't matter too much.
Vaping on a Budget
Another factor that makes pod kits especially popular with beginners is the price point. Cheaper than most mods - many in the price range of a vape pen - making them very affordable. If you haven't tried vaping before and want to see if it's right for you, this is an ideal place to start. Considering pod kits are all-in-one devices, you don't need to clean them or replace any coils, which is required with other vaping kits like box mods, saving you trouble. But even if you're a vaping veteran, their compactness, convenience, and stronger nicotine shot are great selling points.
In summary
So, is a pod system right for you? Their compactness, discreetness, affordability, and convenience may appeal to you and make them a A good choice, especially for those new to vaping. If you want to buy pod system or electronic cigarette, please contact us.
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