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RF015 600 Puff Replaceable Rechargeable Light Disposable Vape With TPD

Disposable Vape

RF015 600 Puff Replaceable Rechargeable Light Disposable Vape With TPD

As the UK and other European countries ban the sale of disposable e-cigarettes due to battery recycling and other issues, the European e-cigarette market is facing a downturn. How should you choose e-cigarettes in the future? Reading this article may be of great help to you.

The fashion-leading Runfree RF015 disposable reloadable e-cigarette is about to make a shocking debut! This e-cigarette not only complies with the EU TPD standard, but is also a classic among disposable e-cigarettes. Its design is inspired by traditional cigarettes and is compact and portable, allowing you to easily enjoy delicious vapor clouds anytime and anywhere. The compact size is designed for modern people who are often on the move and can easily fit into their pockets, bringing unlimited convenience and pleasure.

Runfree RF015 comes with a 2ml pre-filled e-liquid reservoir, allowing you to enjoy up to 600 satisfying puffs. The 500mAh pure cobalt battery ensures uninterrupted e-cigarette fun, making it a reliable companion for those seeking consistency and durability. The TPD-certified RF015 is not only more convenient to purchase, but also has a classic yet trendy appearance. It is definitely a value-for-money choice.

Runfree RF015 is not only innovative in function, but its taste is also unique. With 0% to 2% nicotine concentration and 1.0Ω resistance, every sip is a smooth and pleasant experience, with countless charming flavors. There are 10 tempting flavors for you to choose from, including refreshing mint, tempting strawberry watermelon, blueberry ice, mixed berry lemon, etc. to customize your unique e-cigarette journey.

Using Mesh Coil's cutting-edge technology, it perfectly restores the fruit flavor you want, making every experience a unique enjoyment. Runfree RF015 is classic, stylish, reliable and practical. It also adopts self-developed oil storage technology and is almost 100% oil-free. From now on, I said goodbye to bad worries.

  • Middle Box: 10pcs/pack
  • Package: 1*RunFree RF015 Disposable Vape
  • Weight: 18.5kg/carton
  • Carton Size: 372*202*263mm
  • Quantity: 200pcs/carton

Classic appearance without losing the sense of fashion

※ First of all, the appearance still continues the classic shape of the previous small mouth sizes. It is a round fountain pen. The stainless steel barrel is matched with the paint process. The texture and feel are instantly improved several times.

※ You don’t have to worry about the paint peeling off after long-term use, and you don’t have to worry about putting it in your pocket when traveling. It will deform under pressure. The polished mirror cigarette holder enhances your smoking experience. 

 The aperture at the bottom adds some color to the otherwise dull picture. Not so monotonous anymore. In line with the aesthetics of more consumers. The charging design hidden at the bottom meets the functionality without affecting the appearance.

 RF015, which combines functions and appearance, is your better choice.

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Familiar fruity taste

※  It's like a magical adventure when choosing from a variety of fruit flavors. When you open this door of taste, you step into a colorful orchard. Each fruit is like a small treasure, waiting for you to discover and taste. 

  First of all, the sour taste of lemon is like a fresh breeze blowing over your taste buds, bringing a pleasant sweet and sour taste, just like on a summer afternoon, the refreshing feeling of lemon soda makes you feel relaxed and happy. 

  Then, the sweetness of the strawberry spreads, like a ripe fruit under the afternoon sun. Every bite is full of sweetness and happiness, and you can't help but close your eyes and feel the pure fruity flavor blooming on the tip of your tongue. 

  Blueberry has a small but rich aroma, and its taste is like a gift from nature. The sweet and sour taste makes people feel as if they are among the blue sky and white clouds, feeling relaxed and full of vitality.

※  Durian is a unique treat. Its strong aroma seems to travel through time and space, putting you in the atmosphere of a tropical rainforest. Every bite of durian tastes like a blend of passion, making you intoxicated and leaving you with endless aftertaste.

※  Finally, mango is a luxurious treat. Its mellow pulp exudes an alluring aroma. Every bite is the ultimate care for your taste buds, as if you are tasting a carefully prepared feast, making you feel the beauty and richness of life.
Runfree RF015 can choose flavors or customize flavors for you. We carefully adjust each flavor until it is satisfactory and defect-free. This choice will be something you will never forget.

RF015 600 Puff Replaceable Rechargeable Light Disposable Vape With TPD (1)(1)9zv

The heart of electronic cigarettes

※  The mesh core of a disposable e-cigarette is like its heart and is one of the most important parts of the e-cigarette. The function of the mesh core is to store e-liquid liquid and heat it to produce mist. What is unique about it is that it is not just a simple container, but also carries the core technology of e-cigarettes, which allows the e-cigarette to work properly and produce mist.

※  There is a heating element inside the mesh core, usually a heating wire or a ceramic core. When you inhale the e-cigarette, the battery heats the e-liquid liquid through the heating element in the mesh core and converts it into inhalable mist. This is the principle of e-cigarettes producing mist. 

※  The design of the mesh core can affect the taste, smoke volume and service life of the e-cigarette. Therefore, manufacturers will design and produce different types of mesh cores according to different needs to meet consumers' various tastes and experience requirements.
Runfree RF015 In order to give buyers a good experience, we use the most advanced network core technology at a high cost.

RF015 (2)tev

Super battery life, not only environmentally friendly but also durable

※  The battery of disposable e-cigarettes can be said to be the “power source” of e-cigarettes. Reloading e-cigarette cartridges is extremely important, because the e-cigarette cartridge can be recharged once and the battery can be recharged and recycled. 

※  A good battery can determine how long you can use it. The longer you use it, the more money you save. It is also more friendly to the environment. RF015 uses pure cobalt batteries, which have a more stable battery capacity and a higher safety factor.

※  As a well-known brand company, we know very well that customers not only need a healthy product, but also a safe, environmentally friendly product.

RF015 (3)e76

Super fast charge Type-c

※  The charging speed of the battery, the charging current power, and the material of the battery have a lot to do with it. 

※  In terms of recharging, the RF015 uses a fast charging Type-c interface, and the material is also a high-grade pure cobalt material. Therefore, the charging time is about less than 30 minutes each time. Of course, it will also have something to do with the charging head you use, but the overall time will not differ too much. Faster charging can make us more convenient in use. 

RF015 (4)b3l


Middle Box
Package 1*RunFree RF015 Disposable Vape
Weight 18.5kg/carton
Carton Size 372*202*263mm
Quantity 200pcs/carton

RF015 600 Puff Replaceable Rechargeable Light Disposable Vape With TPD (5)x4r


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