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Runfree Upgraded Big Puffs 25000 RGB LED Light Disposable Vape

Disposable Vape

Runfree Upgraded Big Puffs 25000 RGB LED Light Disposable Vape

Introducing the RF016 Pro, a revolutionary disposable electronic cigarette poised to dominate the market in 2024. First and foremost, its cutting-edge and stylish design, brimming with personality, is set to make waves. With its vivid colors, chic patterns, and captivating lights, the RF016 Pro shines brilliantly both day and night, epitomizing the boundless energy of adults.

The RF016 Pro features a sleek, aerodynamic form with clean, dynamic lines that exude a contemporary tech vibe. Its surface often boasts a glossy finish, offering a tactile and luxurious experience that feels premium to the touch. The high-capacity battery ensures prolonged enjoyment without interruption. The innovative dual-mesh coil design intensifies fruit flavors, delivering the robust taste that many adults crave. Advanced technology and meticulous calibration guarantee the optimal flavor with every inhale.

Expect a richer, more intense vapor experience. This design not only caters to users' preferences for substantial vapor but also enhances comfort and satisfaction during use. The RF016 Pro not only meets users' aesthetic desires but also offers a superior and more gratifying experience, making it a favorite among consumers.

  • Package: 1*Runfree BC5000 Disposable Vape
  • Middle Box: 10pcs/pack
  • Quantity: 200pcs/carton
  • Weight: 23kg/carton
  • Carton Size: 372*202*263mm

Continuing the classic trendy appearance of RF013

※ What type of e-cigarettes do consumers gravitate towards? Everyone probably has their own image of the perfect e-cigarette in their minds. In reality, each e-cigarette possesses its own unique style and distinctiveness, shaped by the consumer's aesthetic preferences and the message they want to convey. Additionally, our preference for a particular brand and flavor plays a crucial role. This ultimately determines whether we remain loyal to it.

※ Introducing the Zenith Rf160 Pro, a "pinnacle product" that evokes a specific sensation upon first encounter. At first glance, it exudes the energy and vibrancy of a youthful individual basking in the sunlight, presenting a very pleasant and attractive appearance. The mirror-finish craftsmanship imparts a modern and premium feel. 

 The classic pattern design merges the tastes of Europe, the United States, and other regions, adding a splash of color. The vibrant marquee lights make it more eye-catching, while the large display screen showing battery life and e-liquid level injects a touch of technology into the otherwise understated product, enhancing its convenience.

 A product that harmoniously blends beauty and depth compels people to choose it as a representation of themselves, as everyone aspires to possess an outstanding appearance and profound insight.

RF016 Pro124y

Unique and unforgettable taste that you will never forget

※  The fruity flavor of disposable e-cigarettes is extremely popular in the market because everyone's taste preferences are diverse. Unlike traditional cigarettes, which offer a singular flavor, e-cigarettes can cater to a wide range of tastes, making them more appealing to every consumer.

  The Rf160 Pro offers over a dozen flavors:
For instance, the tangy and refreshing taste of lemon is like savoring the cool breeze of summer. One puff transports you to a pristine lake, instantly lifting your spirits and bringing a burst of joy.

  The sweetness of strawberries is like a tender kiss on a sunny afternoon, making you smile and close your eyes as you relish the happiness and sweetness it brings.

※  Blueberry flavor is a magical journey. Its deep blue hue invites you into a dreamy wonderland. Each puff is filled with mystery and delight, leaving you utterly enchanted.

※  Durian is a unique indulgence. Its potent aroma transports you to a tropical paradise. Each inhale is an adventure of passion and freedom, showcasing the vibrant colors of life.

※  In addition to these flavors, we offer customization options. Whether you crave the taste of your favorite food or drink, we can create the flavor you love.

RF016 Pro2qsw

Dual Mesh Coil Works More Stably

※  Dual mesh coils are a cutting-edge feature recently added to select e-cigarettes. Not all devices are compatible with dual mesh coils, typically favoring models with higher puff counts. It's essential to understand the benefits of dual mesh coils. The dual mesh coil design significantly enhances both vapor production and flavor intensity. By working in tandem, the two mesh coils generate richer, more nuanced vapor, allowing users to experience a fuller, more satisfying flavor with each inhale.

※  Additionally, the dual mesh coil design boosts the stability and durability of the e-cigarette. Much like clasped hands working together, the two mesh coils distribute the heating load evenly. This reduces the strain on any single coil, prolonging the lifespan of the e-cigarette and enabling users to enjoy a consistently pleasant vaping experience over time.

※  The dual mesh coil design also contributes to the safety of e-cigarettes. Acting like a double layer of security, the two mesh coils monitor and balance each other’s performance, minimizing the risk of a single coil failure. This ensures a safer and more reliable vaping experience for users.

RF016 Pro3uc1

25,000 Big Puffs Are More Worth Buying

※  The increasing popularity of disposable e-cigarettes represents an evolution of taste, driven by the unique experience and convenience they offer.

※  First and foremost, the large puff design delivers a richer and more intense smoke experience. Much like an electrifying concert, the voluminous puffs of these e-cigarettes release a substantial amount of smoke and a fuller flavor, making users feel as if they are floating on clouds, savoring the softness and density of the vapor.

※  Secondly, the large-mouth design enhances comfort and satisfaction during inhalation. Similar to a culinary journey, large puffs from these e-cigarettes allow users to effortlessly and smoothly experience the taste and texture of the smoke, elevating the enjoyment of vaping.

※  Additionally, the large-mouth design aligns with modern lifestyles that prioritize convenience and efficiency. Like a fast track, large puffs from disposable e-cigarettes reduce the need for frequent drags. This design satisfies users' smoke volume needs in one go, eliminating the hassle of constant recharging or battery replacements, thereby making it easier to enjoy the benefits of e-cigarettes with convenience and fun.

RF016 Pro4p1o

Type-C fast charging

※  Fast charging combined with 25,000 Big Puffs makes our daily use more convenient. Convenient-to-use products will reduce our unnecessary use time, thereby increasing our better experience.

RF016 Pro5zxz

Product parameters

1*RunFree RF016 Pro Disposable Vape
Middle Box
Carton Size

RF016 Pro6ca1

WARNING:This product is intended to be used with nicotine products. Use according to instructions and ensure that the product is out of reach to children.


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