Specific matters for the maintenance of atomized electronic cigarettes

by:Runfree     2023-03-16

Vaping electronic cigarettes are becoming more and more popular in the market, and more and more people are beginning to use electronic cigarettes to assist smoking cessation. But even so, there are still many e-cigarette users who do not know how to maintain their e-cigarettes and prolong their service life.
In fact, the maintenance of electronic cigarettes is still very important, because a good maintenance of electronic cigarettes can ensure that the overall quality of the taste of electronic cigarettes will not decline. The following is a summary of the specific items for the maintenance of atomized electronic cigarettes.
battery maintenance
The maintenance of the battery is more important, because the electronic cigarette battery is the main part of the whole atomizing rod. Generally, most electronic cigarettes on the market use lithium batteries.
Lithium batteries are contraindicated for prolonged charging. Charging the electronic cigarette for a long time will damage the lithium battery. It is easy to cause the battery to not be charged normally, or only to be charged to virtual power, which will affect the normal use of the electronic cigarette.
So try to charge the battery after the power is exhausted, charge once, do not cut off the power halfway, and take out the battery within half an hour after it is fully charged. In addition, lithium batteries are also taboo to use while charging.
The electronic cigarette heats the e-liquid through the heating core, and the temperature generated by the heating core is relatively high. If you use it while charging, it is easy to cause the battery temperature to be too high, accelerate battery loss, and reduce the service life of the electronic cigarette.
The core of the atomizer is the atomizing core, which consists of a resistor, oil guide rope and some accessories. The most common problem with atomizers is that they produce a burnt smell. The reason is that resistance heating will burn out the oil guide rope.
Therefore, during use, pay attention to the remaining amount of e-liquid and do not dry it. It is necessary to keep the e-liquid in the pod no less than 1/3, so that the atomizing core can be completely wrapped in the e-liquid, so as to ensure the best atomization effect of the e-cigarette.
There are still many users who are concerned about whether the atomizer will produce peculiar smell when changing the e-liquid. The actual test shows that as long as there is not too much smoke oil mixed in the warehouse, even if the finished atomizing core is not replaced, only a few puffs of smoke will be mixed into the fragrance after replacing the smoke oil. Cleaning when changing the smoke oil, you can clean the smoke oil in the atomization chamber, and if possible, you can directly replace the atomization core.
During the use of the atomizer, it is inevitable that condensate will accumulate or leak. Even if these liquids are handled, damage to the host can be effectively avoided. If it is not treated in time, the condensed water will corrode the screws and other metal parts on the top of the host, and even for some hosts without electrode leakage protection, the liquid may flow into the host and cause greater damage to the host.
Condensation is inevitable when using a nebulizer. Generally speaking, condensate will accumulate on the top of the silo and the flue section of the atomizer.
With an oil drop nebulizer, you can always pull out the nebulizer chamber and use a tissue or face wipe. However, the disassembly of the finished atomizer is not as simple as the oil drop atomizer. Condensate in the flue and silos can be thrown down by things like throwing thermometers.
If the condensed water accumulates too much during the use of the atomizer and cannot be cleaned up in time, the condensed water may be sucked into the mouth. Many users said that the e-cigarettes will be inhaled after a period of time, sweetening the mouth. Something, most likely absorbed condensation.
At the same time, too much condensed water falls on the atomizing core, which will cause discoloration of cotton, carbon deposits in the coil, frying and other problems, which will affect the service life of the atomizing core.
When using an atomizer, it is recommended to disassemble and clean the atomizer every time you smoke one or two cans of e-liquid. When cleaning, pay attention to cleaning the condensed water in the spray chamber and flue. At the same time, the finished atomizer with the air inlet at the bottom should also pay attention to cleaning the liquid in the base of the atomizer.
The cleaning method can be selected according to the actual situation. The easiest way to do this is to wipe with a paper towel or cotton cloth. Or rinse off with water and wipe. It should be noted that the finished core cannot be washed with water. Also pay attention to other parts that need to be washed and wiped dry or blow dried with a hair dryer.
After reasonable cleaning and maintenance, the atomizer can be kept clean and new for a long time, and the user experience is no less than that of the first model. At the same time, during intermittent use, there will be no peculiar smell in the atomizer, which ensures that the taste of the atomizer will not be affected.
To sum up, if e-cigarette users can increase the maintenance of e-cigarettes in the above two aspects, the service life of e-cigarettes can be extended to a large extent.
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