Storage and transportation of e-cigarette oil

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Basic knowledge of e-cigarette oil

The components of e-cigarette oil are relatively stable molecular composition, which can be stored for a long time.

A: The shelf life is usually marked as two years, but in fact, it can continue to be used for more than 3 years.

B: There may be three changes in the storage of e-liquid:

1. Discoloration. It may appear colorless to light red, light brown, etc. Generally, the discoloration will stabilize within 1 to 2 months.

2. Sour taste. The storage of e-liquid will undergo alcoholization reaction, just like wine, it is normal to change the taste slightly.

3. Deterioration. The shelf life of e-liquid is a conservative way of writing. The fact that the mature e-liquid formula has not been found to deteriorate in the extreme experiment. Usually the deterioration is caused by the poor formula of the e-liquid and the unreasonable ratio. The more accurate way to judge whether it can be smoked is to smoke it to see if there is any major change in taste.

C: E-juice storage temperature: 0~30 degrees

D: 'Electronic Cigarettes Part 5: Storage and Transportation': technical requirements for the storage and transportation of e-cigarette liquids and smoking utensils.

1: Normal temperature 0-30 degrees, placed in a dry and constant temperature room, when the temperature is above 40 degrees, the e-liquid will undergo physical changes and produce steam condensate.

2: Permitted according to the laws and regulations of each country: choose air and truck transportation.

Precautions: E-cigarette liquid and smoking equipment should not be placed in a high-temperature and high-pressure space for a long time to avoid leakage of liquid.

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