The 5 most important things to watch out for when vaping

by:Runfree     2023-03-28

The popularity of electronic cigarettes is getting higher and higher, and many smokers have begun to accept electronic cigarettes. When using e-cigarettes for the first time, it is inevitable that some mistakes will be made, even if you refer to the instructions. These erroneous operations often reduce the quality of e-cigarette use experience, and even affect users' understanding and cognition of e-cigarettes. JOCEIG will share with you the following issues that you need to pay attention to most when using electronic cigarettes.
1. About battery selection
Naturally, there is no need to worry about this problem for products such as small cigarettes with built-in batteries. Battery warning signs can be seen in the packaging of most high-power mainframe products. Using a damaged battery will cause certain safety hazards.
In fact, the most common mistake novices make is the choice of battery. Low battery discharge capacity will directly affect the output capacity of the host. Only by choosing a regular power battery can high-power equipment play its true colors.
2. Turning on the machine without e-liquid may cause the atomizing core to burn
Many host-type packaging products pack the atomizer and the host separately to prevent users from misoperation. If the main unit is combined with the atomizer without refueling, accidentally pressing the ignition button after the main unit is turned on may cause the atomizer core to burn. The insulating tape added to the bottom of the pod product is also to prevent the pneumatic switch from accidentally triggering and causing damage to the atomizing core.
3. Adding e-liquid to the atomizer and using it directly will cause the atomizer core to burn
Wet the atomizer core before filling the new atomizer, or let the atomizer stand for a while after refueling before using it. There are also such tips on the packaging of many products. However, it should be noted that the waiting time required by different atomizing cores is different. At the same time, the atomizer needs to be placed vertically. It is recommended that no matter what kind of atomizer, the resting time should be more than five minutes.
4. The problem of direct use without adjusting the power after the host and atomizer are assembled
Most of the atomizers in the kit are finished atomizers, and the atomizing core needs to be used within a certain power range in order to have excellent taste and smoke performance. At present, the factory power of most consoles will be at the lowest value. If you do not adjust the power of the host, the atomizer will produce little or no smoke, and some high-power devices will preset the highest power value at the factory, and directly adjust the power. Ignition will burn the atomizer core.
5. Electronic cigarette devices with insufficient power cannot be charged, which will affect the experience
Most vaping products are not fully charged when they leave the factory. Many vaping devices have only a small amount of power. Direct use may cause the electronic cigarette device to fail to achieve the expected state due to insufficient output voltage. It is recommended that novice users charge the device as soon as they get the electronic cigarette device to obtain a better experience.
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