The benefits of disposable e-cigarettes

by:Runfree     2023-01-25
- 2019-06-15-

 The e-cigarette is made of vegetable glycerin, which is healthy and relieves smoking addiction. The low power can prevent oil leakage, and it uses advanced technology materials in Europe and America. There is no button, no oil filling, no charging, just smoke directly.

Three advantages of disposable electronic cigarettes:

Today we focus on electronic cigarettes

Let me explain the three advantages of

1. Easy to carry

Disposable electronic cigarettes do not need to be charged, do not need to replace cartridges, smokers only need to carry electronic cigarettes to go out, and do not need to carry heavy chargers and other accessories.

2. More stable performance

Due to the completely closed design of disposable electronic cigarettes, the operating links such as charging and replacing pods are reduced, and the occurrence of failures is also reduced. Problems such as circuit failures and liquid leakage that rechargeable electronic cigarettes cannot solve are here in disposable electronic cigarettes. has been completely resolved.

3. More smoke liquid

The smoke liquid capacity of disposable electronic cigarettes can reach about 2~3 packs of paper cigarettes, which can last longer

In addition, I will give you a popular science about the difference between atomized electronic cigarettes and ordinary cigarettes.

1. E-cigarettes do not contain tar components harmful to the human body, and have no carcinogens;

2. Electronic cigarettes do not burn, and there are no harmful chemicals produced after burning;

3. E-cigarettes will not harm others"secondhand smoke"hazards and pollute the environment;

4. E-cigarettes do not require fire and have no fire hazards. They can be used in fire-proof places. The goal of smoking cessation can be achieved through the four-step smoking cessation method.

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