The core competitiveness of the electronic cigarette industry

by:Runfree     2023-01-17
- 2021-05-12-

E-cigarettes are a new type of electronic consumer goods. They are the product of the convergence of electronics and consumer products. The construction of the core competitiveness of electronic cigarette products should start from the two dimensions of electronics and consumption. From the perspective of electronic products, its core competitiveness comes from technology; from the perspective of consumer goods, its core competitiveness consists of brand and capital.

The composition of electronic cigarettes is not complicated. If the development of e-cigarettes always stays in the simple patchwork of lithium batteries, atomizers, and pods, then e-cigarettes must be a mixed red sea market. Therefore, comprehensively improving the technological content of e-cigarettes and continuously upgrading products through technology is a powerful weapon for high-quality companies to wash small companies out of the market. This is especially important for foundry companies.

The road to technological upgrading of the electronic cigarette industry will start from two parts: hardware and software. The hardware part includes circuit devices (lithium batteries, atomizers) and inlets, and the software part specifically refers to pods (liquid smoke). From the perspective of hardware, through the continuous integration of electronics, communication, and software technologies, electronic cigarettes can evolve into wearable and intelligent devices in the future. It is understood that people of insight in the industry have begun to try to combine the entrance of electronic cigarettes with human medicine to create the entrance of electronic cigarettes.

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