The role of disposable atomizing rod

by:Runfree     2023-01-23
- 2019-07-16-

Many people now understand the harm of smoking to our health, but it is impossible for many people who have smoked for many years to quit smoking, so there is a disposable atomizer, this disposable atomizer The stick is not much different from cigarettes in terms of shape and taste, so many people will choose disposable atomizing sticks. There will be an atomizer on the disposable atomizing stick, do you know what the atomizer on the disposable atomizing stick is for?

Generally speaking, the pod is the nozzle part, and some factories bond the atomizer and pod or e-liquid together to make a disposable atomizing stick according to the needs of customers. The advantage of this is that it can greatly improve the taste and smoke volume of electronic cigarettes, and at the same time, the quality is more stable, because the atomizer is relatively easy to break, and traditional electronic cigarettes are a separate atomizer, which will break within a few days up. The liquid is injected by factory professionals, which avoids the problem of the liquid flowing back into the mouth or flowing to the battery part to corrode the circuit due to too much or too little liquid injection. It lasts longer than other pods.

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