There are more than 3 million e-cigarette users in the UK

by:Runfree     2023-03-17
2018/11/6 British e-cigarette users have exceeded 3 million

According to BBC News, a survey conducted by the Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) in 2018 showed that the number of e-cigarette users in the UK exceeded 3 million for the first time, four times the number in 2012. .
In recent years, the number of e-cigarette users in the UK has increased significantly.
The findings show that the majority of e-cigarette users use the devices because they are quitting smoking, and about 40% of users are trying to quit smoking through it. The public health charity said the survey of 12,000 UK adults showed most smokers realized that switching to vaping would improve their health.
The study estimated that between 2017 and 2018, vaping users increased by 10%, from 2.9 million to 3.2 million. Ex-smokers switched to vaping for three main reasons, the survey showed: 62% to quit smoking, 11% to vape, and 10% because they could save money by vaping. But the researchers also said the UK still had a large number of smokers, about a third of whom had never tried e-cigarettes.
UK leads the way in combating vaping misinformation
The reason for the large number of vaping users in the UK is that the UK has been at the forefront of the fight against vaping misinformation. Earlier this year, Public Health England (PHE) published a report updating the organisation's 2015 report on vaping, confirming that vaping is at least 95% healthier than cigarettes. In August 2018, the UK Science and Technology Council published a report aimed at addressing current misconceptions about these devices and actively changing how companies, institutions and the public perceive e-cigarettes.
However, misinformation is still common
While UK organizations have been actively taking steps to change their perception of vaping and prevent the spread of misinformation, data from the ASH survey clearly shows that despite these efforts, 22% of existing smokers believe that vaping is a bad thing for smoking Or bad, according to a quarter of the general public.
Continue to exercise actively so that everyone can correctly understand e-cigarettes
Dr Leonie Brose, from King's College London, expressed his views: 'There are still many people who wrongly believe that e-cigarettes carry the same significant harms as conventional cigarettes. This situation is worrying as it could deprive many smokers of the opportunity to return Health and continuing to smoke is detrimental to their health. It is therefore important that action by Public Health England and others to challenge these misconceptions must continue to keep everyone properly informed about vaping.”
Deborah Arnott, Chief Executive of Action on Smoking and Health (ASH), agrees with Dr Leonie Brose: 'UK vaping policy is on the right track and thousands of smokers are switching to vaping and improving their health .In this case, there is no evidence that e-cigarettes will attract non-smokers to smoke. I believe that if e-cigarettes are licensed and prescribed as medicines, more smokers will benefit.”

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