Three Tips for Using Disposable Electronic Cigarettes

by:Runfree     2023-01-27
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Disposable electronic cigarettes are very convenient to use, so many friends like to use disposable electronic cigarettes. Next, I will introduce three tips for using disposable electronic cigarettes. I hope it will be helpful to you. Three Tips for Using Disposable Electronic Cigarettes

Three Tips for Using Disposable Electronic Cigarettes

1. When the e-liquid is sucked into the mouth, please take off the pod and disassemble it.

2. Wipe off the excess e-liquid spilled from the inside of the cigarette holder and the top of the atomizer before use.

3. To keep the battery with sufficient power, insufficient power will also cause the e-liquid to be inhaled into the mouth without being fully atomized.

How long can a disposable e-cigarette be charged?

The charging time of the disposable electronic cigarette battery is calculated according to the incoming and outgoing current. For example, for a 650mah battery pole, the input current of the charger is 220mah, and it takes about 2.5 hours to 3 hours to fully charge it. The usage time of a fully charged battery is calculated according to the output current. Generally, the output current of the battery is constant, so the battery with higher current will last longer.

In addition, the use time of e-cigarette batteries is related to the quality of the battery itself, and the quality of the battery depends on the materials used and the production technology of the product. A good quality battery has a longer service life and a stable service life.

When using it, we should pay attention to the following:

1. Newly purchased e-cigarette batteries generally have electricity. This is because the manufacturer will test the battery charge before leaving the factory. Therefore, it is recommended that you use up the remaining power in the e-cigarette after you get it, and then fully charge it at once.

2. Do not charge the electronic cigarette battery for too long. When the indicator light of the battery charger is green, it means it is fully charged. If the indicator light is red, it means it is charging. After the battery is fully charged, the battery can be unplugged and used.

3. When not in use, remember to turn off the battery power of the electronic cigarette. Generally, the method of switching on and off the battery is to press the battery switch button 5 times.

4. Pay attention to the protection of the battery interface. When unscrewing the battery and atomizer to connect to the charger, pay attention not to insert the two interfaces too tightly, so as not to damage the middle connector of the charger.

5. Electronic cigarette batteries should be produced by regular electronic cigarette manufacturers. A good battery circuit board can be powered off intelligently. A poor battery circuit board may be burned out after a few hours of charging.

Some methods of using disposable electronic cigarettes have been told to everyone, and there are also some precautions that everyone needs to understand clearly to avoid problems during use.

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