What are the different types of e-cigarettes?

by:Runfree     2023-03-18
2021/9/6 There are various styles of electronic cigarettes on the market. Only when we have a clear understanding of the types of electronic cigarettes can we choose suitable electronic cigarette products. According to different situations, we can make the following classifications.
smoke principle
(1) Heat-not-burn electronic cigarettes
The main principle is low-temperature heating, which releases smoke by heating new tobacco. The main feature is that a new type of tobacco similar to cigarettes needs to be inserted into the tobacco rod.
(2) E-liquid atomization
The smoke of electronic cigarettes is atomized by electric heating to generate smoke.
(1) CBD electronic cigarette
CBD e-cigarettes have been shown to have no negative effects of dependence, addiction and hallucinations. It can improve the user's sleep quality and relax the body and mind.
(2) Nicotine electronic cigarettes
The main components of e-liquid are vegetable glycerin (VG), propylene glycol (PG), flavor and optional nicotine.

(1) Disposable electronic cigarettes
This is an electronic cigarette that cannot be recharged and cannot be reused. Throw away the e-liquid after use.
(2) Electronic cigarettes that can be filled with oil

This electronic cigarette can be used repeatedly, and the service life of the cartridge is long. After the e-liquid is used up, it can be re-injected and continue to be used.
Oil storage and guide system
(1) Resistance wire atomized electronic cigarette
Use cotton core or fiber rope to absorb oil, and introduce the smoke oil in the oil tank into the heating coil, and the smoke can be evaporated when the coil is heated.
(2) Porous ceramic atomized electronic cigarette
Heating resistors are fired on porous ceramics to integrate oil conduction and heating. A resistor on the ceramic heats up the e-liquid to smoke. In order to provide a better taste of vape juice atomization, the porous ceramic atomizing core has developed and evolved the third generation of thick film printing, and the next thick film printing atomizing core may be a trend.
The design and production of electronic cigarettes are simple and beautiful in appearance and excellent in performance, which can meet the diverse needs of customers. If you want to know more about electronic cigarettes after viewing the above content, you can contact us for professional solutions.
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