What is the difference between disposable e-cigarette mouth inhalation and lung inhalation?

by:Runfree     2023-01-25

Electronic cigarette holder sucking and lung sucking are stupidly unclear. What is the difference between the two? In fact, these are the two most common inhalation channels for e-cigarettes, and different inhalation channels will bring users different experience. The pipe of mouth suction is very similar to the pipe of smoking when we use cigarettes every day, while the pipe of lung suction is closer to the pipe of inhalation when using hookah.

Mouth inhalation is a small smog with a big taste, so you have to taste it slowly and enjoy it slowly. When inhaling, it feels familiar to cigarettes. It enters the mouth first, the taste spreads all over the mouth, stays for a while and then enters the lungs, and then exhales, it is a different taste, full of comfort;

Lung inhalation is simple and rough, it explodes instantly, and the thick smoke passes through the mouth in an instant without staying and goes directly into the lungs, and then directly sprays out, instantly bursting with excitement, the smoke is lingering, and the celestial being is intoxicated.

Generally speaking, mouth inhalation is like tasting red wine, enjoy it slowly, while lung inhalation is like drinking beer, a large bottle of dry.

How to inhale disposable e-cigarettes?

Mouth inhalation is the same as our usual smoking pipe, which means that the gas is first inhaled into the mouth and then inhaled into the lungs. This kind of pipe is generally used by people who want to replace real cigarettes or quit smoking. The resistance of the atomizer used is more than 1 ohm. High-resistance atomizers, the suction nozzle of this type of atomizer is narrower than some low-resistance atomizers. In order to match these devices, users will also choose PG and e-liquid with higher nicotine content to create a similar An inhalation experience similar to the roar of cigarettes.

Compared with the lung suction pipe, the smoke will stay in the user's mouth for a longer time when inhaling, so when using mouth inhalation, the user will also have a more delicate taste experience of the taste of e-liquid. Since both cigar and cigarette users use mouth-to-mouth pipes, most players who use e-cigarettes instead of cigarettes will also choose mouth-to-mouth pipes to use e-cigarettes.

How do disposable e-cigarettes breathe?

Lung inhalation refers to the inhalation method that does not stay in the mouth after inhalation, but directly inhales into the lungs, just like daily deep breathing. The dense smoke will instantly fill the lungs, similar to the experience of using hookah. It is suitable for low-resistance nebulizers that have been popular in recent years. This method can inhale more smoke at one time, so the smoke exhaled is much larger than that of inhalation. A large amount of smoke will bring users a richer and fuller taste. For experience, the nicotine concentration should be reduced appropriately, and the VG content should be increased to obtain a greater amount of smoke.

It is worth noting that novice e-cigarette players recommend mouth inhalation, otherwise they will be easily choked, and choose lung inhalation after the operation is proficient. Mouth inhalation or lung inhalation, the one that suits you is the best. The above is the relevant information about the difference between electronic cigarette holder suction and lung suction

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