What problems should be paid attention to when using electronic cigarettes?

by:Runfree     2023-03-26

The use of electronic cigarettes is often a problem that many new users will ignore. Many people find that the experience is not good or the equipment malfunctions during use. It may be that the following precautions have been overlooked during use.
The atomizing core prevents dry burning
1. It is forbidden to carry out key ignition test on the atomizer which is not filled with oil, otherwise dry burning will damage the atomizer core;
3. After oiling, please let it stand for 3-5 minutes before using it, otherwise dry burning will damage the atomizing core;
3. Long-term mixed injection of different e-liquids will easily lead to deviations in taste and reduce the service life of the atomizing core.
atomizing core replacement cycle
1. The normal service life of the atomizing core is 3-4 weeks, and the replacement cycle depends on the actual use;
3. Under normal use, if there is a slight odor after inhalation, you can replace the nebulizer with a new one.
charging safety
Please be sure to use a common charger, charge with 5V voltage and 1A current, and try to avoid overcharging.
Device supply voltage
1. The conversion formula of power and resistance: W=U/R, power is equal to the square of the voltage divided by the resistance.
2. As the frequency of use increases, the voltage gradually decreases, and the smell and taste of smoke also decrease.
lung suction
1. Pulmonary inhalation method, that is, the inhalation method that does not stay in the mouth after inhalation, but directly inhales into the lungs (can be used as a deep breath); it is different from the general smoking method;
2. During normal use, this device will produce a lot of smoke. Please use it in the way of lung inhalation to bring the best user experience! cigarette holder is hot
1. E-cigarettes use heating to evaporate the oil to produce smoke;
2. Excessive use in a short period of time will generate a lot of heat, and you may feel that the mouthpiece is a little hot. This is normal and does not pose a security risk. Please use it with confidence.
3. The temperature of the newly generated smoke is relatively high, so it cannot be smoked against the lips or tongue.
throat choked
1. The smoke produced by electronic cigarettes is water vapor (solid dust after burning cigarettes). You may not be used to it at first, just try it a few times;
2. The inhalation method is different from that of cigarettes. The normal way of inhaling cigarettes is mouth inhalation: inhale into the mouth, stay, and inhale into the lungs.
3. E-liquid contains a small amount of nicotine (except 0MG) or mint; both nicotine and mint can stimulate the throat: hit the throat.
4. Be careful not to smoke too hard when using it, because when you smoke too hard, the e-liquid will be directly inhaled into the mouth without being atomized by the atomizer.

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