What's the matter with disposable e-cigarettes smoking nausea?

by:Runfree     2023-01-24

Recently, some people have reported that disposable electronic cigarettes are disgusting, which makes many users very panic and worried that disposable electronic cigarettes will cause great harm to the body, so today I will introduce the reasons for this situation.

What's the matter with disposable e-cigarettes smoking nausea? Although disposable e-cigarettes are made by imitating cigarettes, they are not cigarettes after all. You may be unaccustomed to the taste of e-cigarettes and feel sick when you switch from cigarettes to disposable e-cigarettes. After you experience discomfort symptoms when using e-cigarettes for the first time, you don’t need to be too nervous. These symptoms are not because e-cigarettes are harmful, but because it takes an adaptation process to complete the switch

What's the matter with the disgusting feeling of smoking electronic cigarettes? Smoke oil concentration is too high

If you choose a disposable e-cigarette that is not suitable for you and has too high a nicotine concentration, you will also feel sick when you smoke it.

The concentration of e-liquid refers to the level of nicotine content in e-liquid. Generally, the concentration of e-liquid is 0%, 2%, medium 3%, high 5%, and now there are many other concentrations such as 6%, these customized concentrations. At present, many e-liquid manufacturers can provide customized e-liquid concentration. The concentration of e-liquid can be selected in the following ways:

1. Choose according to whether there is a tingling sensation in the throat

When trying e-liquid, if you feel uncomfortable tingling in your throat when inhaling, you should choose e-liquid with a lower nicotine concentration.

2. Choose according to taste

The tingling sensation in the throat brought by nicotine will affect the experience of the e-liquid itself, and the greater the concentration, the greater the effect.

3. Choose according to the degree of dependence on nicotine

Old smokers who were smoking before exposure, if they are smoking some cigarettes with relatively high nicotine content, the low nicotine concentration may not be able to 'stop addiction'.

Nausea from smoking disposable e-cigarettes may be the reason why you are not used to smoking for the first time. Of course, it may also be caused by excessive nicotine content. You can find out which reason caused your nausea.

0% nicotine disposable electronic cigarette 2% nicotine disposable electronic cigarette 3% nicotine disposable electronic cigarette 5% nicotine disposable electronic cigarette
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