Will disposable electronic cigarettes explode in plateau?

by:Runfree     2023-01-24

Will disposable electronic cigarettes explode in plateau? There have been some cases of exploding disposable e-cigarettes before, mainly in some small workshops of e-cigarettes. At present, there is no case of e-cigarettes exploding from regular brands in China. Because the small battery technology used in electronic cigarettes is very mature, it is impossible to explode in normal use.

Will e-cigarettes explode at altitude?

Will not explode.

The main reason why e-cigarettes explode is high temperature, as long as they are not under high temperature conditions, e-cigarettes will not explode.

The plateau does not meet this situation. The main difference between the plateau and the plain is the air pressure and oxygen. Due to the lower air pressure and oxygen content due to the high altitude, some people will experience altitude sickness when they go to the plateau.

However, the lower air pressure and oxygen content will not cause the e-cigarette to explode, and even say that it has nothing to do with the explosion. If your e-cigarette explodes when it is taken to a plateau, you should first check the quality of the e-cigarette itself, and then check whether it is at high temperature. in environment.

As long as it is in a high temperature environment, whether it is a plateau or a plain, it may explode. If the heat cannot be released, the temperature of the battery will continue to rise. The temperature rise is particularly dangerous for lithium batteries, especially ternary lithium batteries, which may eventually catch fire or explode.

Of course, overcharging will also cause an explosion, but in order to prevent this from happening, the lithium battery has a special protection circuit board. Generally, the lithium batteries produced by regular manufacturers will not be overcharged, so as long as the lithium batteries of regular products are charged, they are safe.

To sum up, e-cigarettes generally do not explode on plateaus. If they do, will mobile phones explode too? So you don’t have to worry about this. Secondly, the editor of the steam-linked e-cigarette home reminds everyone to buy regular ones. After all, battery safety is very important for manufacturers of e-cigarettes.

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