The structure and principle of electric cigarette

by:Runfree     2023-03-17
2021/8/30 Simply put, an electronic cigarette is a low-voltage microelectronic atomization device that atomizes a solution with a smoke flavor into smoke by heating for smokers to use. Through the following understanding of the structure and principle of electronic cigarettes, we can more correctly understand the performance of electronic cigarette products.
E-cigarettes are also called 'atomized electronic cigarettes', which are essentially different from cigarettes. They do not burn and contain only purified nicotine. They are free of tar and chemicals that can cause respiratory and cardiovascular disease.
The electronic cigarette consists of a stainless steel shell, a built-in lithium battery, an airflow sensor, a control circuit, an executive circuit, a high-power integrated circuit, a high-frequency ultrasonic generator, an atomization chamber, and a smoke liquid core.
Its working principle is to pressurize the nicotine solution (refined by the manufacturer) in the matching cigarette core (also called pod) into the atomization chamber through an ultra-micro pump, and then atomize it into droplets with a diameter of about 0.5. -1.5 microns. The built-in chip of the electronic cigarette has an air induction detector, which allows the user to vape only when inhaling through the mouth. The working state of the electric cigarette component is controlled by a micro-processing chip.
Like cigarettes, this product sucks nicotine into the lungs through smoking, so that nicotine is quickly absorbed by the lungs, and the addictive effect after smoking is no different from that of cigarettes. Moreover, the electronic cigarettes produced can be set with different specifications according to the amount of nicotine inhaled by the user each time, so as to meet the different needs of different users.
In addition, the solution in the built-in nicotine tank can also be used to prepare cigarette flavors of various flavors according to different flavor prescriptions and different nicotine contents.
Electronic cigarettes will use the low-voltage reset function of the chip itself to achieve short-circuit protection. The chip's LVR is set to 2.4V. When the load terminal is short-circuited, the VDD pin of the chip is pulled down below 2.4V instantly, and the chip is reset. The control pin of the tube returns to the power-on reset state, that is, the low level cuts off the NMOS to protect the MOS tube.
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