8 Tips to Help You Vape Better

by:Runfree     2023-03-21

E-cigarettes absorb nicotine through atomization, heating, and non-combustion, and will not produce smoke during use. Compared with traditional cigarettes, electronic cigarettes not only guarantee the taste, but also do not cause harm to the human body. We can use e-cigarettes better with the following tips.
1. Choose high-quality e-liquid
E-cigarette liquid is a key component of e-cigarettes. E-liquids usually come in a variety of flavors and varying levels of nicotine to suit each user's preferences. Regular e-juice may be cheap, but it is likely to contain impurities that not only taste bad, but are likely to damage your health. The electronic cigarette products provided by JOCEIG have passed various safety certifications, which can guarantee the quality and health of the products.
2. Properly store and use e-liquid
No matter how good the quality of e-liquid is, it will eventually lose its original quality due to improper storage and use before and after use. Proper storage of your e-juice and prep steps for use can ensure a quality experience every time.
Store vape juice out of direct sunlight to preserve nicotine levels and prevent vape juice from breaking down. Also, keep your e-juice airtight to prevent flavor loss. Finally, store your e-juice in a cardboard box or dark container to make it more durable.
3. Familiar with PG/VG ratio
Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG) are two important ingredients in e-liquid. When combined in different proportions, they affect the intensity of the flavor and the density of the vapor.
High VG liquids are great for producing big, thick vapors and are safer for those who may be sensitive to physical energy. This is because it does not irritate the throat while maintaining its natural sweetness. At the same time, high PG e-liquid will produce small clouds, which have a strong irritation to the throat.
4. Constantly switch the flavor of electronic cigarettes
Smoking a particular flavor repeatedly can lead to under-perception of your e-cigarette flavor. The best way to prevent this is to keep switching flavors and going back to your old favorite. In addition, staying hydrated and pausing vaping can help alleviate the problem of insufficient flavor of e-cigarette oil.
5. Fully understand your electronic cigarette equipment
While different e-cigarettes may operate in similar ways, different e-cigarettes vary in design, specifications, and construction. Familiarity with the individual components of your vaping device will make disassembly, cleaning and maintenance easier for you in the long run.
Always follow the manufacturer's instructions when disassembling, cleaning, maintaining, and replacing vaping components. This will help avoid any failures due to improper reassembly or maintenance.
6. Regularly clean the coil and oil tank
Long-term use of your e-cigarette can create residue or residue in the coil and tank due to unvaped e-liquid. This will ultimately affect the flavor of your e-liquid and reduce vapor output. No matter what e-liquid is used, it will leave a long-lasting burnt smell.
It is recommended to clean the coil and oil tank every time you change the flavor of e-liquid, especially after using VG, strong or sweet, dark-colored e-liquid, it will help to avoid excessive accumulation of viscous substances that will interfere with your electronics. smoke experience.
7. Clarify the maintenance methods of electronic cigarettes
E-cigarettes are essentially electronic devices that convert e-liquid into vapor for smoking. It is normal for these devices to require maintenance during use.
Check your vape packaging to learn how to care for your vape and how often it needs to be serviced. Regular maintenance will help your vape last longer and make your experience enjoyable.
8. Check the battery connection
Since e-cigarettes are electronic devices, keeping their batteries intact is key to extending their life. E-liquid can accumulate at the battery connection, causing poor performance and shortening the life of the e-cigarette.
Check regularly for sticky buildup and keep battery connections open. If buildup occurs, simply remove the battery and wipe off the dirt with a clean paper towel. After cleaning, you can reconnect the battery and use it as usual.
Creating the ideal vaping experience is a highly personal process that depends on many different factors. If after reading the above content, you feel that it is not very helpful to you, you can contact us for a comprehensive solution.
JOCEIG is an experienced manufacturer of electronic cigarette products, our aim is to put customers' needs first. We have a professional production team and a strict quality inspection system, which can fully control the quality of our products. Our products are sold all over the world, and have been well received and trusted by the majority of users. If you are interested in our electronic cigarettes, please contact us now!
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