How to choose the right e-cigarette for yourself?

by:Runfree     2023-03-25
2021/9/27 Electronic cigarettes have attracted more and more people's attention and understanding because of their 'traditional cigarette replacement' function. However, for those who are new to vaping, it is not so easy to find the one that suits them among the vast array of vaping products. By understanding the following considerations, it can help you choose high-quality and suitable e-cigarette products more easily.
Product quality must be qualified

Regardless of the type of e-cigarette, the identifying information must be complete. For example, information such as product name, product information, appearance parameters, e-liquid ingredients, flavor introduction, production date, shelf life, signs prohibited for minors, and precautions must be presented to users in a complete and intuitive manner.
At the same time, everyone should also pay attention to the appearance quality of the product, and check whether the product packaging and the product itself are damaged, because this will cause safety hazards during use.
Choose the nicotine level according to your needs
Many people choose to use e-cigarettes mainly to help them quit smoking, while some people just want to try e-cigarette products. Therefore, everyone should choose e-cigarette products with different nicotine content according to their different needs.
The nicotine content of electronic cigarettes currently on the market ranges from 0mg/ml, 3mg/ml, 6mg/ml, 8mg/ml, 12mg/ml, 18mg/ml, 24mg/ml, 36mg/ml, and even higher 40mg/ml, 50 mg/ml. The nicotine content of conventional small cigarettes on the market is generally around 18-35mg/ml.
Generally speaking, the higher the nicotine level, the greater the irritation to the throat. Different levels of nicotine are suitable for different people. Therefore, smokers can choose electronic cigarette products with different nicotine content according to their own needs.
choose based on experience
Different e-cigarette brands have different e-liquids, production processes, product ingredients and materials, and subtle differences will also cause differences in taste. If the e-liquid is not good enough, or the atomization equipment is not powerful, and the battery life is poor, it will also bring us a bad experience. The electronic cigarettes made by JOCEIG have super battery life, and our pod system is especially suitable for smokers who have not yet found a suitable electronic cigarette product.
Choose according to taste
In addition to traditional tobacco, e-cigarettes on the market currently have many flavors. Therefore, friends of smokers can also choose according to their own taste preferences.
In fact, when choosing e-cigarettes, as long as you clarify your own needs, you can determine the type of e-cigarette products you need. However, in order to ensure the safety and experience of e-cigarettes during use, the above factors need to be considered comprehensively. If after reviewing the above content, you feel that the above content is not very helpful to you, please contact JOCEIG for professional advice.
With excellent technology and considerate service, we have become a leading manufacturer of electronic cigarette products. We have an experienced production team and staff, strictly control the quality of each link of product design and production. At the same time, we will also provide effective solutions and one-stop services in place according to the diverse needs of customers. If you want to buy our electronic cigarettes, please contact us now!
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