How many types of e-cigarettes do e-cigarette manufacturers have? What are the principles?

by:Runfree     2023-01-15

How many types of e-cigarettes do e-cigarette manufacturers have? What are the principles?

According to the working principle of e-cigarettes, they can be roughly divided into two categories, namely, atomizer e-cigarettes that use e-liquid, and IQOS e-cigarettes that use heat-not-burn methods.

However, atomizer e-cigarettes can also be divided into two categories in terms of subdivision, one is traditional vaping cigarettes, and the other is upstart “small vape” e-cigarettes in recent years.

Speaking of atomizer e-cigarettes, we have to talk about e-liquid, after all, this is the 'ration' of atomizer e-cigarettes.

Usually, e-liquid is composed of three raw materials, glycerin, propylene glycol, and flavor as an additive.

In addition to the above-mentioned main raw materials, nicotine can also be regarded as an additional additive. Its function is mainly to add a 'real smoke' taste to the smoke, or for users who need to replace cigarettes.

Generally speaking, the high content of glycerin in e-liquid will make the smoke of e-cigarette bigger, while the high content of propylene glycol will make the smoke smaller, and it will also bring a stronger 'throat hit'.

The various raw materials used in e-liquid are all 'food grade' when the channels are guaranteed to be regular, which is one of the reasons why many people think that e-cigarettes are safe and harmless. But its specific security has yet to be verified, so we won't describe it here.

Next, let's introduce the 'big smoke' steam cigarette and 'small smoke' respectively.

1. Vaping

Vaping is a symbol of 'e-cigarette culture', but in the process of development, its focus is actually more on 'play'.

The 'play' is naturally the smoke.

Its characteristic is that it is large.

Not only is the smoke rod (or box) as a device large, but the appearance of a traditional vape is roughly like this:

<img src="https://pic3.zhimg.com/50/v2-a01e0b0f03557267f662aa1bbaa9cdaa_hd.jpg" data-caption="" data-size="normal" data-rawwidth=&"500" data-rawheight=&"500" class="origin_image zh-lightbox-thumb" width=&"500" data-original="https://pic3.zhimg.com/v2-a01e0b0f03557267f662aa1bbaa9cdaa_r.jpg"/>

Of course, there are also rod-shaped ones, but this kind of box-like vape is more common.

Not only that, usually its smoke is also very large, which strengthens its playability. Smokers know that in order to spit out a beautiful smoke ring, in addition to certain skills, the smoke The size of the smoke ring is also very important. If there is not enough smoke, no matter how skilled you are, you can only spit out a small smoke ring at best.

The working principle of vaping is very simple. The resistance wire is wound on the oil-conducting material soaked in e-liquid, and the resistance wire is energized through the battery. Then the resistance wire heats up due to a short circuit, and the e-liquid in the oil-conducting material evaporates to form smoke.

<img src="https://pic2.zhimg.com/50/v2-7a395232f08556f1b831d0a9e97009a6_hd.jpg" data-caption="" data-size="normal" data-rawwidth="425" data-rawheight="407" class="origin_image zh-lightbox-thumb" width="425" data-original="https://pic2.zhimg.com/v2-7a395232f08556f1b831d0a9e97009a6_r.jpg"/>

In the early days, many vapes were actually very simple, and the device itself did not have the function of storing oil. Therefore, when playing, the vape oil was directly dropped on the oil-conducting material, and then the mouthpiece was buckled for inhalation.

Later, due to convenience, vaping with its own oil storage tank gradually became the mainstream.

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